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 Emu Care and Feed

HI Dave:

I'm really sorry that happened with the other emu farmer.  I guess there
are mean ornery cusses in every vocation.  Asking what to feed an emu can
be a tall order.
We raise emu in Pennsylvania and we feed a mix that has been especially
blended for us. I provided the nutritionist at our local milling company
with several top formulas that have been proven and he did the rest. Your
friend would probably do best by purchasing a regular emu feed manufactured
by a company specializing in ratite foods.  There are many.  Purina,
Muenster, Mazuri, etc.
These companies know what nutrients an emu needs and put in their feeds.
Any local feed store/milling company should be able to help you out.  I'll
bet the feed store prices will be a lot cheaper then the pet shop !  If
your friend has grazing available, he will find the birds love grass type
crops like oats, rye grass and alfalfa.  Infact, in the wild grasses and
berries and insects is what the eat.  
Having grazing available can really reduce your feed costs. Our emu eat
about 2.2 pounds per {*filter*} bird per day.  

Tell you friend that if he has any other questions, I'll be glad to try an
help. Us farmers gotta stick together, right?

Mary Ann Dunkel
All American Emu Express

> My friends son has an emu and would like more info on feeding them

Wed, 26 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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