Sony XR-U330 car audio 
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 Sony XR-U330 car audio
The subject cassette stereo with CD changer controls came with my car when I
bought it from a dealer.  When I test drove the car, the faceplate wasn't in,
which was good because I wanted to listen for rattles.  Anyway, the radio
doesn't work.  There was very little sound from the speakers with the volume
all the way up.  My car has the factory amplifier so I tried bypassing it, but
there was still almost no audio, nothing audible anyway.  I tried both radio
and cassette.  Everything was hooked up properly, so I placed a scope on the
speaker level outputs.  About all I could really see was noise on the 0.1V/div
scale.  I suspected the amplifier IC's so I taked wires onto the Vcc, Gnd,
input and output, mute and standby.  The Vcc was 13.48 Vdc, mute and standby
low, and input was equivalent to output.  The radio uses two TA8215H amplifier
ICs.  Neither were getting even warm with the volume all the way up.  I thought
maybe something internal was pulling the input signal down, so I removed both
ICs and tacked wires onto the input lines.  I still don't see any input signal.
 I was going to start tracing the signal path to the ICs but my friend told me
he has a Sony 7600? series radio with identical symptoms.  Now I'm thinking it
might be a common problem with Sony decks.  Anyone seen this before or know of
a common fix?

-Rod Schmidt

Thu, 02 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT
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