iMac 400 mHz slot load-power no video 
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 iMac 400 mHz slot load-power no video
I have an iMac 400mHz slot load dvd which emitted a loud snap (like a
firecracker) and after that when the power was switched on with the front
power button the green light would go on and some disk activity was heard
but NO chime and NO video at all. I have reseated ram, cables, reset PRAM,
tested battery and checked all cables.

A local tech friend who works on iMac all the time said it that the
power/analogue/video (PAV) board is the likely culprit. The loud snap makes
me suspect a large electrolytic that died. A replacement board costs over
$200 and I would like to troubleshoot the defective component(s) and repair
it myself. I am willing to buy an ESD tool if necessary.

My experience with computers and cars leads me to believe they all have
their weak spots and if you learn them and how to repair them you can fix
them quickly and cheaply. Can anyone give me some guidance. thanks adam
Adam Tomash
BlueMoon Macintosh Resources

Sun, 07 Aug 2005 09:45:16 GMT
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