Site for grain beetle/tapeworm survey? 
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 Site for grain beetle/tapeworm survey?

I'm a first year grad student who is trying to figure out my research project.
I would like to do a survey of grain beetles (Tenebrio Molitor) and see how
many are infected with the tapeworm Hymenolepsis diminuta.  I know the beetles
like to inhabit graineries (along with the definitive host of the tapeworm,
the rat).  However, my advisor has had difficulty convincing the owners of
these graineries that he is a zoologist and not the health inspector.  Thus,
he has been unable to do any sort of collection/survey in these places.  Does
anyone have any ideas how I could get around this?  Does anyone know of a site
where the beetles, the rats and the tapeworm occur together?  Preferably in the
                                                -John Shea
                                                OSU:  Dept of Zoology

Mon, 03 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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