VGA video line driver / receiver / proper termination 
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 VGA video line driver / receiver / proper termination
I want to build a standard line driver and matched receiver for VGA
video. One application will be a pass-through system.

What I am having trouble finding are specs for the SYNC line driver
and receiver, and their proper termination.

I know the proper SYNC levels for VGA, SVGA, etc., are 5-volt
TTL-compatible-- but a normal voltage-divider cable termination (as
for the RGB signals) will cut the signal in half-- requiring
amplification back to TTL level at the receiving end!???

I know there are several ways to solve this problem pretty easily, but
I would like to build my system to fit seamlessly into a VGA system,
so I want to know the standard way to build it.

Summarizing what I need:
Line driver and driver-end termination
Line receiver and receiver-end termination
Examples of circuit implementations that realize a standard VGA

Thanks in advance for advice!

Phil Stewart

http://www.***.com/ ~pstewart

Fri, 10 Dec 2004 03:23:33 GMT
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