Looking for a low cost CAD program. 
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 Looking for a low cost CAD program.
I was doing R/C systems in my young time.
These system were using SO42, SO42P, MC3357, LM1872, NE544 etc ... with only
small modifications from the application note.

I now have time to redo R/C systems.
I plan to use a CAD system.
I have downloaded something called WinSpice95.

Arg ...
I would not say the product is bad. It certainly do accurate simulation.
But it is not the product I am looking for.

What can I find, even in low cost commercial products ( < 500$), with a
better shema entry and editing, and a useful component database (ie the 50
IC I will ever use : newer release of above).

NB : How do I define a ceramic filter with spice derived products ?

thanks for answers.


Sat, 06 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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