Need help: Playstation as automobile MP3 player 
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 Need help: Playstation as automobile MP3 player

Hi. So we're thinking about assembling this
wacky system for the car, involving a playstation
and a certain amount of insanity:

1) Mod-chipping the psx
2) Buying a 12v - 110 step dc/ac transformer
3) Buying a mp3-DJ for the psx (which allows you
to play cdr's of mp3's on the psx)
4) Buying a psx keypad or an ir controller
5) Hooking the contraption to my amp or
car head unit as a dedicated mp3 player

Ok so here's where I'm confused:

1) can I buy a cheap LCD screen run
off the psx rca video out, to see track titles
etc..? Or, do I have to fork out $100 for a
color lcd?
2) Does the plan sound remotely feasible?
The whole cost would be very cheap, under $200.


Loomis and Joehell

Sat, 26 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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