Manual for Dumont 'Scope Needed 
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 Manual for Dumont 'Scope Needed
I have a Dumont oscilloscope, model 1100P.  Made by
Dumont Oscilloscope Laboratories, Inc, W. Caldwell, NJ USA.
I need a manual to repair the darned thing, but I can't
contact the company, and a technician at work thinks that
they went out of buisness some time back.

The problem appears to be fixable (i.e. the tube is good)  It
just won't trigger.  It works fine in XY mode, I just can't
get it to sweep and/or trigger.

Reasonable copying/postage gladly paid, as any pointers where I can
get an official copy, or hints on repairing the thing would be
gladly accepted.

Check out those dusty shelves in your lab, maybe that manual you
are using to fix that wobbly table is the one I need.

Matt Bennett

Tue, 20 May 1997 09:42:18 GMT
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