AMI Pro password protection is breakable. 
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 AMI Pro password protection is breakable.

A few weeks ago I analyzed the encryption algorithm in Lotus'
Ami Pro program for a client who had lost the passwords to
some files.  This particular program uses a cipher that's
a bit better than many proprietary ciphers I've encountered
(it's far better than the toy ciphers in programs like Microsoft
Word), but it is breakable.

With my attack, most passwords can be found quickly (a few
minutes), though a few are more difficult but still breakable.
My attack does not require any known plaintext as there is
enough information in the file header for the attack.)

I do not currently have plans to make technical details or code
to exploit the weakness public, but want to warn any people or
consultants whose companies who might be using Ami Pro that
there is a problem.

Paul Kocher

DISCLAIMER: The views presented in this message do not represent Microsoft,
RSA Labs, or any other corporation I am affiliated with and/or work for.
Paul C. Kocher                         Independent data security consultant

Thu, 04 Sep 1997 11:10:39 GMT
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