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                    An Interdisciplinary Seminar

                  Glendon College, York University
                          Toronto, Canada

        Friday, October 22  through  Sunday, October 24, 1993



        Joseph Agassi (York University and University of Tel-Aviv, Israel)
        Janet Wilde Astington (University of Toronto)
        William Bechtel (Georgia State University)
        Ellen Bialystok (York University)
        Margaret Boden (University of Sussex, England)
        Rainer Born (Institut fur Philosophie and Wiessenschaftstheorie,
                        Johannes-Kepler-Universitat, Linz, Austria)
        Jerome Bruner (New York University)
        John Canfield (University of Toronto)
        Jeff Coulter (Boston University)
        Christina Erneling (York University)
        Carol Feldman (New York University)
        Alison Gopnik (University of California at Berkeley)
        Jagdish Hattiangadi (York University)
        Melinda Hogan (York University)
        David Johnson (York University)
        John Macnamara (McGill University)
        Ausonio Marras (University of Western Ontario)
        Ulrich Niesser (Emory University)
        David Olson (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education)
        Juan Pascual-Leone (York University)
        William Rapaport (SUNY at Buffalo)
        Edward Reed (Whitely Laboratories, Franklin and Marshall College)
        Don Ross (University of Ottawa)
        Sidney Segalowitz (Brock University)
        Wes Sharrock (Manchester University, England)
        Stuart Shanker (York University)
        Soren Stenlund (Uppsala University, Sweden)
        Talbot Taylor (William and Mary)
        Paul Thagard (University of Waterloo)
        Michael Tomasello (Emory University)

   To register, please contact David Johnson or Andrea Austen,
   Department of Philosophy, York University, 4700 Keele Street,
   North York, Ontario, Canada M3J 1P3.

   Telephone: (416) 736 5113
   Fax:       (416) 736 5735

   There is a registration fee of $50.00 Can. (half-rate for students or
   unaffiliated academics). Please send cheque or money order payable to
   York University.

   For accomodation, contact the Glen*Grove Suites ((416) 489-8441
   FAX (416) 482-0785), The Four Seasons ((416) 444-2561 FAX (416) 446-3308)
   or the Ventura Inn ((416) 964-1220 FAX (416) 964-8692)
   toll-free 1-800-387-3933 and ask for conference rates.

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