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 New Crop of BS

Its a free country and all is fair when it comes to selling "killer"
bees to the public. We sell newspapers, BS,  (bee science), beekeeper
regulation, cheep farm chemicals that may or may not work at inflated
prices, and now comes another effort to sell poorly designed bee
veils. IMHO.

It just boils my {*filter*} every time I see fancy bee ads in our bee
journals relating honey, or good beekeeping to farm chemicals and I
have for a long time felt sold out by these publishers who have played
a big part in the hooking of beekeepers on farm chemicals which alone
is bad enough but just the sight of a jar of pure honey and a
pesticide strip shows how low we have all got to allow that use of the
good name of pure honey without beekeeper rebellion. Sure I let my own
subscriptions run out but feel I am the loser by doing so and not the
publishers as what's one more lost subscription they have been going
down for years and they still have the advertising revenues and less
publishing costs.

Well now its hit me again, some outfit from Roanoke VA, selling bee
vails and using the super hyped newspaper story's on the "killer" bees
to do it that I have used myself in the Killer Bee & Worm Journal to
illustrate the hype being used to sell newspapers and mislead the
public on the danger of bee keeping. I guess that's the way it is, but
I for one will never buy a bee veil from the "Sting Shield Company",
they look like a real rip off anyway, IMHO. If you have not seen their
web site here it is, its a good one, I won't mention which part did
not function but for up to date bee disaster news and nice maps and
graphics give it a hit. Interesting to note that several bee cop sites
link here must be they are happy customers or maybe something more


ttul, the OLd Drone
Los Banos California

For the good bee news
plus the bad surf over to:

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Wed, 07 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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