Novice post swarm question... 
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 Novice post swarm question...
Ok - my first year.  Three hives.  Got them as nukes.  Using two deeps
as hive body.  They came with about 4 frames built out.  Started
building out to about 7 to 8 frames then all three built swarm cells
(about 7-10 per hive) and (apparently) swarmed.  My mentor and I
checked them out and they had closed queen cells on two and we saw the
{*filter*} queen on the thrid.  He said it looked like the other two were
due to hatch that day.  I went out today (about 9-10 days later) to
confirm that we are laying and raising brood and could find no queens,
no eggs, most of the swarm cells are GONE (not just open).  Two hives
seem weak and were barely flying.  The third seemed pissed off.  The
third (stronger) hive is the only building comb in the upper deep.
The third one also has about 6-8 drone cells capped.  Outside of
honey, nothing else is capped in any of the hives.

Any help would be appreciated.


Mon, 19 Dec 2005 02:48:16 GMT
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