To feed or not to feed 
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 To feed or not to feed
I have been reading lots on the subject but I am still perplexe...

To do it the bee way and let them figure it out themselves was my first
thought and also seemed to be the least work as long as the bees have enough
supply left in the fall...

But then, If I don't feed I understand that I may miss the major flow and
then have too
many bees when the flow is over wich will deplete the stores too fast...
Something to do with inducing the queen to lay  faster.

This is my first wintering and so far my 5 hives are doing fine except for
one which was a
secondary swarm (or afterswarm?) And that I tried to winter against all your
good advice.
I started feeding it yesterday and the future will tell.

I am in BC Canada 100mi. North of Vancouver, Bees have been flying on sunny
days for
the last month.  Dandelions usually come in bloom about mid-april here.
Thank you Normand.

Sat, 24 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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