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 re-post : Questions about feeding.

This message was posted 28 June; however, It did not appear on my group.

Recently, I was able to trap a colony out of an old house and was lucky
enough to have them take up residence in a hive box.
They have been re-queened ( 2 weeks ago).
Yesterday, I saw the queen.
This colony lives on the Cumberland Plateau in middle Tennessee.

Should I be feeding the colony? if so, what?
I have been putting sugar water in the feeder, is this OK?
Should it continue?
What about feeding pollen supplements?
Would pollen  help the colony? if so, where can I purchase pollen.

For curiousity, I plan to open the wall where the colony previously
Should I try to feed the colony some of there own honey? if so, how?

Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!


Fri, 15 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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