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 interesting stories
Does anyone have some interesting stories about discoveries or
personalities in chemistry that could be told to science students
of all ages.

If so please share with the group here

Thanks in advance

Wed, 25 Jun 1997 01:17:38 GMT
 interesting stories
Here's one :

The first guy who has found KCN (I believe he was Sheele) wanted to try
to taste the compound. And tasted. Fortunately, the compound was not pure
enough, so he just has described it as "having a taste similar to hydrogen
peroxide" %). Next day, the other guy came to him and has brought him seve-
ral Guinea pigs - people have just started to use them as experimental animals
in that time, I beleive and offered to test KCN on them. Since, again the
compound was not very pure and not in such a big dose - they (not the pigs)
described what happened in the words "the pigs were having light euforia".
But the pigs finally  died. :-( And KCN was considered to be toxic.

I do not know, if this story is true or not but I love it.


O-----------:) the lost electrone.

Sat, 28 Jun 1997 03:51:24 GMT
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