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 Stink story ...


>>...  A  tank truck full of ethanethiol overturned in Louisville,
>>Kentucky and it went into the sewers, but that's another story.
>> [story about using ethanethiol to trace air movement in caves]

>So tell us the story.  I bet it's a real stinker!

Not much to tell, since I don't know details except that it happened
in the east end of the city where all the rich doctors and lawyers


I have a copy of an article from the _Toronto Star_, February 15,
1991, about a new electronic paging system for underground mines.  
VLF signals from a powerful transmitter on the surface activate
receivers carried by miners.  They can be paged individually, or all
together in case of emergency.  The article says that it should be a
great improvement over the present emergency-alerting system:

     "Warning of an underground emergency such as a fire or cave-in is
     most commonly done by injecting a foul-smelling gas into the
     mine, which alerts the miners to evacuate.  But that system can
     take hours to penetrate every tunnel and even longer to dissipate
     enough for workers to go back down." ...

What gas to they use??  Ethanethiol, maybe?  Yechh!!  Is this a
Canadian practice or do they do it in the U.S. mines too?


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