RESPONSES to farm magazines/newspapers 
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 RESPONSES to farm magazines/newspapers
Thanks to all those who replyed to the question.  I am posting the
responses for those of you who

Look in

http://www.***.com/ ~den0/farm_mags.html

If you can't get to it, let me know and I'll e-mail you the document.  
I have
been in the process of moving across the country lately, and I haven't
able to update the list with some new entries.  That should happen in
the next
week or so.  So check back.



Wallace's Farmer is a famous one in the your library
desk and see if they can find a number for the publisher (you might
need to
know the publisher - and I don't know who it is :-(  sorry; guess this
too helpful after all).

Nancy Dooley


I'm no longer in the area but I was raised in Kansas.  We always read
the paper "Grass and Grain"  It is published in Manhattan, Kansas.  I
don't have the phone number, but you could phone information.  That
paper covers most of eastern Kansas.
Western Kansas and parts of Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma are covered by
a paper names "High Plains Journal"  I think it is published out of
Dodge City Kansas (don't quote me on that city though!)

I know I don't have phone numbers, but I thought this information might
possibly be helpful.

Linda Hawkins

Pacific Northwest (US and BC) farm/ranch newspaper is the Capital Press

hope this helps.


you may get a complete directory of farm magazines in the U.S. and
Canada from Doane Agricultural Services Co. Their e-mail address is:

They publish the "AgriMarketing Services Guide." It also lists farm
and TV stations. The directory costs $30 and perhaps some
shipping/handling charges, unless you are a member of the Canadian
Agri-Marketing Association.

You may find out about membership in CAMA at the e-mail address:

Hope this helps.

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