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 RFD: sci.agriculture.beekeeping
    This is a formal request for discussion on the creation of the
newsgroup: sci.agriculture.beekeeping.

 The science and art of beekeeping spans many fields of discipline: bees are
used in agriculture, science, medicine, and for enjoyment. Bees produce
honey, wax, propolis, pollen, and venom.
 Presently on the internet there is one formal forum for bee discussion:
bee-l, a listserve dedicated to discussions concerning bee biology, and
beekeeping. The list handles moderate traffic, but often becomes clogged
during active bee seasons. Bee-l has a scientific tone, and although
encourages beekeeping questions, tends to have biology as its theme.
  Beekeeping is _applied_ biology. A beekeeper might have bee questions
or questions concerning where to obtain wood and glue for beehive
manufacture. Beekeeping lore and technique often is the antithesis of bee
  Beekeeping is practiced throughout the world. Colony management, parasite
control, honey extraction and packaging, wax rendering, marketing of hive
products and public relations are all components of beekeeping.
These topics although possibly addressed in bee-l often require lengthly
discussions. "Which honey tastes better?" or "How do I re-heat honey that
is crystallized?" "How much should I charge for a one pound jar of honey?"
These are beekeeper questions or questions concerning beekeepers' products
and not bee biology.
Sci.agriculture.beekeeping would contain these discussions well
and relieve the congestion of the bee-l during active beekeeping seasons.
  Bee management is controversial, dynamic and the laws, policies and
techniques vary from region to region, as do beekeepers themselves. Bees
kept in Arizona react differently to a management technique than bees kept
in southern Germany. Since beekeeping lately has been inundated with
difficulties ranging from parasitic bee mites to cut throat marketing
tactics, beekeepers need an area on the internet that may cover all this
information. Bee-l the bee biology listserve attempts to do this now, and
if it was successful, I would not be posting this RFD.
  The creation of sci.agriculture.beekeeping would allow beekeepers
access to bee information other than specific bee biology,
while allowing the bee biology listserve to function.
One would compliment the other. Beekeeping and bee biology are
interrelated but not the same. To be a good beekeeper, one needs as much
information as possible. The creation of the usenet group:
sci.agriculture.beekeeping, would enhance beekeepers' knowledge
in conjunction with the bee-l, or the bee biology listserve.
  Discussion of this proposal will occur in news.groups starting at the
time this posting and lasting 30 days.
Adam Finkelstein  VDACS Apiary Inspector 116 Reservoir St Harrisonburg VA 22801
703-433-1006 (V)   703-434-5607 (Fax)   703-564-4394 (Pager)

Wed, 31 Jul 1996 13:31:17 GMT
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