Post Fruit Related Articles to Alt.Agriculture.Fruit-Kenneth Herron reads it regulary 
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 Post Fruit Related Articles to Alt.Agriculture.Fruit-Kenneth Herron reads it regulary
Every time someone posts on alt.agriculture.fruit, Kenneth Herron has his
robo poster provide this message below:

Subject: Your post to alt.agriculture.fruit

Date: Tue, 5 Jul 94 19:45:37 GMT

This site has received a news article entitled

 Re: Wild Fruits

apparently posted by you to a questionable group or groups:

 alt.agriculture.fruit is not widely carried and has a very small
  audience; its subject matter is covered by sci.agriculture
  which reaches more sites and has more readers. If your
  site doesn't carry sci.agriculture, you should contact
  your news administrator about adding it.

Your article was not cancelled or reposted to another group.

This is an automatic letter; no reply is necessary.  If you wish


Sun, 22 Dec 1996 20:42:29 GMT
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