antique milk crates 
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 antique milk crates
I have discovered a collection of OLD Dairy Farm milk crates.  400 antique
milk crates for sale.  The highest offer takes them.

Grablick Dairy was an old time dairy farm of decades running in Pittston of
Northeastern Pennsylvania.

All four sides are a rich stained oak wood with carrying handles stenciled
out of wood. All four sides and bottom are riveted with heavy Aluminum. Each
crate holds TWENTY bottles in 3" x 3" slots (2 7/8" opening.) The old Erie
Crate Company was the maker of this crate.

Of course, these rich wood crates can be used as stackable bookcase or
coffee table supports 3 feet, 6 feet (or 10!) feet high.

Each crate has fire branded markings: "Erie Crate" and "Grablick Dairy 8
Pittston, PA 62."

I have at least 400, first come, first-served. Each crate is 12" x 15" and
7.25" high. As you see, these sturdy old crates are stackable - extra sturdy
when stacked with the reinforced tongue on each of four corners. Each crate
weighs 9 lbs. Of course, with a volume this large, buyer should pick these
crates up at this 18702 Northeast PA location.  (A 16 foot box truck would
do it.)  Otherwise, crating or skidding/shipping of crates to be arranged by

Chris Miller

Sat, 26 May 2007 23:08:54 GMT
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