LS-90 Patent on Poultry 
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 LS-90 Patent on Poultry
Perhaps this might help with AI.

Reading the language of U.S. Patents can be
very dry reading, but here's an abstract
concerning LS-90 which may interest you.

PATENT No. 4,315,917 --  "Method of Treating
{*filter*}ism in Poultry"

The Abstract on this Patent includes:  "The
incidence of infectious disease in poultry is
reduced and/or anti-social behavior is
controlled by providing the poultry with drinking
water containing a catalytically effective amount
of a unique catalyst (LS-90).  In a preferred
variant the drinking water may also contain lignite
which has been pre-treated with the catalyst until
it is soluble. . . The invention is also useful in
obtaining better utilization of feed and for other
purposes.  22 Claims, No Drawings."

Mon, 20 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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