China Says it will improve Three Gorges Environment 
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 China Says it will improve Three Gorges Environment
Project to be launched to improve the environment of Three Gorges Area


A decade-long project titled "Green Mountains and Rivers Project" is to
be launched in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality to improve the
environment of the Three Gorges area, where the Three Gorges Reservoir
is under construction.

With 20.4 billion yuan (US$2.46 billion) investment for the next
decade, Chongqing, the nearest metropolis to the Three Gorges of the
Yangtze River, aims to return more than 133,000 ha of cultivated land
on slopes to forests or grassland.

The city will also plans for afforesting more than 667,000 ha on barren
mountain slopes, controlling the water losses and soil erosion in an
area covering 10,000 square kilometers, and establishing dozens of
natural reserves.

Chongqing recently decided to take tougher measures to curb pollution
that still threatens the ecology of the Three Gorges area.

The city is to shut down another 794 small enterprises that discharge
excessive pollutants, ban any project that may cause possible pollution
to the water sources, and move 100,000 local villagers to other places.

The environment of the Three Gorges Reservoir will not only exert
direct influence on the social and economic development of the economic
belt along the Yangtze River, but also be of great significance to the
smooth operation of the reservoir itself in the long run, experts say.

He Guoqiang, secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee,
reiterated the significance in the environmental protection of the
Three Gorges, noting that Chongqing will do its utmost to turn the area
into an economic zone with a sound environment.


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