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I have just started investigating emu farming (New Brunswick, Canada).  I have
talked to a couple farmers and have read some literatue on the farming.  I
would like to get as much information as I can on this, so please forward any
info you may have to:  Blaine Maxwell
                                            RR # 3 Moncton
                                            P.O. Box 3126
                                            N.B.,   E1C  8J7

Everything I have read or heard so far makes it sound so great, but I am
afraid that this is more of sales pitch so the breeders can sell me these
birds at a very high prices. It currently is a Breeders market, but how
long will this last and what happens then.  Can we convince the market to
switch to EMU meat or use EMU oil???   Others farming has been tried and I
don't think they have been too successful (rabbits, pheasants, reindeer, etc.)
 You still see Poultry, pork and beef as the staple items.   If somebody could
just convince me that there is a Slaughter a market, then I would feel a lot
better getting into this.  Questions:  How much meat does an average EMU
Produce?  Can we feed them cheap enough to make them competive with other meat
products?  Are there farmers who have failed in this market? why?   Is there
even a market for chicks in the breeders market?

I don't expect every answer to be positive, but I would like honest answers.  
I find the idea of raising EMU's very intricating and interesting.

Thank you for your help!  
Blaine Maxwell
Manager Information Services
Hub Meat Packers Ltd.
Moncton, NB Canada

ph  506 853-8899
fax 506 853-0618

Fri, 18 Jul 1997 19:53:59 GMT
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