Reference date correction: IFST Position Statement on BSE 
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 Reference date correction: IFST Position Statement on BSE

Hello All,

In the IFST Position Statement of 18 July, and "copied-and-pasted"
into several subsequent posts, is an error in the date of one of the

Please note that the Wthrich K and Glockshuber R reference concerning
nuclear magnetic reference spectroscopy structure of mouse prion
protein is wrongly dated 18 July 1996. It should have been 11 July

In addition, although Wthrich and Glockshube  were reportedly the
principal authors, the full list of authors is R Riek, S Hornemann, G
Wider, M Billeter, R Glockshuber & K Wthrich. In accordance with our
usual practice, we shall redesignate the reference as Riek et al.

Apologies to anyone who looked in Nature and did not find it.


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Fri, 08 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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