4th RFD: misc.wildlife.*/rec.pets.*/sci.agriculture.* organisations 
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 4th RFD: misc.wildlife.*/rec.pets.*/sci.agriculture.* organisations
This 4th RFD supercedes all previous RFD's on the subject and
shall be referred to as:

   misc.wildlife.*/rec.pets.*/sci.agriculture.* organisations

Changes to this RFD:

  1) Removal of SECTION II.
  2) Renamed misc.animals.wildlife.* to misc.wildlife.*
  3) Renamed misc.animals.farming.* to sci.agriculture.livestock.*
  4) Added renaming of sci.agriculture to sci.agriculture.misc
  5) Added misc.wildlife.marine-mammals.dolphins

  1) tale is free to post this as the 2nd RFD as he never posted
     any of the prior releases, since he was on vacation, anyway.
  2) The details of this release will be transmitted to the UVV,
     a CFV should be issued shortly.
  3) Thank you for your comments

John Pimentel
Member of Group-Mentors

               Jim Buscher

Distribution of Newsgroups:   world


Distribution of RFD:

The complete official messages - RFD, CFV and vote results will
be posted to these required or affected newsgroups:

news.announce.newgroups, news.groups, rec.animals.wildlife, rec.birds,
rec.pets, sci.agriculture, sci.agriculture.beekeeping

and an edited version will go to these mailing lists:

A separate RFD/CFV's will be sent to these effected newsgroups:

alt.wolves, alt.pets.rabbits, alt.pets.ferrets, alt.pets.hamsters,
alt.chinchilla, alt.animals.bears, alt.animals.dolphins,
alt.animals.felines, alt.animals.felines.lions, alt.animals.foxes,
alt.animals.felines.snowleopards, alt.animals.raccoons,

AND any other effected groups that may need notification.

NOTE: This is not a Call for Votes. Do not try to vote now.
      Follow-ups set to news.groups, please honour. See the
      "Procedure" section, below, for details.


 Interested parties are encouraged to comment on this proposal
 in news.groups.  Please post your comments *only* in
 news.groups.  After 21 days, if there appears to be a strong
 consensus in favor of this proposal as it is written here, a
 CFV will be posted, which will initiate the voting process;
 otherwise, discussion will continue until a more refined
 proposal can be prepared.

 Again, please do *not* vote now.  The voting process has not
 begun, and your votes will be DISCARDED if you attempt to do

 For more information on the newsgroup creation process, see the
 documents entitled "How to Create a New Usenet Newsgroup" and
 "Usenet Newsgroup Creation Companion" by David Lawrence

 news.announce.newusers, and news.answers, and available for ftp
 at rtfm.mit.edu in /pub/usenet/news.groups.

 Create the following groups:


 Rename the following groups:

        rec.animals.wildlife ...... to  misc.wildlife.misc
        rec.birds ................. to  misc.wildlife.birds
        rec.pets .................. to  rec.pets.misc
        sci.agriculture ........... to  sci.agriculture.misc

Newsgroups line:

misc.wildlife.bears ............. Topics relating to wild and captive bears.
misc.wildlife.birds ....... Topics relating to wild birds and bird watching.
misc.wildlife.canines ......... Topics relating to wild and captive canines.
misc.wildlife.felines ......... Topics relating to wild and captive felines.
misc.wildlife.marine-mammals.dolphins ....... For wild and captive dolphins.
misc.wildlife.marine-mammals.misc ......... For wild/captive marine mammals.
misc.wildlife.misc ................... For most topics relating to wildlife.
misc.wildlife.raccoons ....... Topics relating to wild and captive raccoons.
rec.pets.ferrets ........................... Topics relating to pet ferrets.
rec.pets.marketplace ............ Place ads to buy/sell pets & pet products.
rec.pets.misc .................... Catch-all group for animals kept as pets.
rec.pets.rabbits ........................... Topics relating to pet rabbits.
rec.pets.rodents.chinchillas ........... Topics relating to pet chinchillas.
rec.pets.rodents.hamsters ................. Topics relating to pet hamsters.
rec.pets.rodents.misc ........................... All species of pet rodent.
rec.pets.support ......................... Topics related to support issues.
sci.agriculture.livestock.birds.misc . Domesticated and farmyard birds only.
sci.agriculture.livestock.birds.ratites .. For emus, ostriches, rheas, etc..
sci.agriculture.livestock.misc ........ For any animal considered livestock.
sci.agriculture.misc ... Catch-all group for topics relating to agriculture.


The discussion of birds used in farming, like emus, chickens, quail,
pheasants, and ostriches, do not fall into the wildlife or pet categories.  
So, we propose the creation of sci.agriculture.livestock.birds.misc and
s.a.livestock.birds.ratites.  Future growth in the s.a.l.birds.* could
be along the lines of game birds (pheasants, turkeys, peacocks, quail,
etc.), pigeons (fancy and homing), water fowl (ducks, geese), etc.  The
catch all group sci.agriculture.livestock.misc will used for the discussion
of any animals used as livestock.  This newsgroup can be subdivided into
s.a.l.cattle, s.a.l.sheep, s.a.l.pigs, etc as the traffic for each species
increases within s.a.l.misc.

There has been discussion in many of the newgroups for a place to
advertise pets and pet related products for sale.  Therefore, we
propose the creation of the newsgroup rec.pets.marketplace.  Having a
separate newsgroup for people wishing to buy or sell something will
reduce the number of these messages showing up in the different animal
groups.  These proposed newgroups will offer buyers and sellers a more
narrowed audience in which to advertise then currently seen in the
various *.forsale newsgroups.

For the current newsgroup rec.birds, there exists a confusion about what
types of birds can be discussed there.  This group is for wild birds only.
So, we propose to rename rec.birds to misc.wildlife.birds.  And, to go along
with that change, we propose to rename rec.animals.wildlife to
misc.wildlife.misc.  In no way do we intend to demine the importance of
rec.animals.wildlife or make it less visible.  We simply want to make it
consistant with the rest of the misc.wildlife.* hierarchy.

While designing this proposal we decided to give the alt.animals.* and
alt.pets.* folks a chance to join the misc.wildlife.* and rec.pets.*
groups.  There are numerious wild and pet animals groups that currently
exist in alt.*.

Finally, loss of a beloved pet can be devastating.  We are proposing the
creation of rec.pets.support to help those who have lost their pet deal
with the pain and grief.  Other emotional issues involving pets will be
discussed here as well.  rec.pets.support will be an informal support
group for dealing with human-animals relationships by talking with
others that are going through (or have gone through) a similar ordeal.


In an *initial* survey conducted over a five day period on the newsgroups
rec.birds, rec.pets, and rec.pets.birds, the following results were seen.  
Out of the 40 people responding to the survey, 20 voted YES to adding a
newsgroup about domesticated birds and 3 voted NO.  For changing the name
of rec.birds to something more descriptive, 33 voted YES for some type of
name change and 0 voted NO.

In an *cursory* poll conducted in the newsgroups alt.pets.rabbits, of
the 25 individuals that responded, 20 voted that they would like to have
a newsgroup for rabbits listed under rec, 4 said Maybe, and 1 said No.  
In a separate *cursory* poll conducted on alt.pets.hamsters, only six
individuals responded, but all said YES they would like a hamsters
newsgroup listed under rec.  Also, in scanning through the posts of
rec.birds and rec.pets.birds for approximately 12 days, there were 2-3
posts per day that could have been discussed in the proposed newsgroups
sci.agriculture.birds.misc or s.a.birds.ratites.  Several of the
posts dealt with questions and answers on how to raise domesticated birds
(i.e. pigeon, doves, and ducks).  On two separate occasions, a letter was
posted to both rec.birds and rec.pets.birds because there was not a
distinct and obvious newsgroup that covered the topic of the letter (i.e.
a domesticated bird).  Also, from asking the subscribers to the LISTSERV
mailing list, {*filter*}-L, I found out that several people on the list raise
domesticated birds as well as have indoor, {*filter*} birds as pets.  This was
also true of one individual who posted to rec.pets.birds in response to one
of the domesticated bird posts mentioned above.  Also, since the creation
of the LISTSERV mailing list DOM_BIRD (Forum for Domesticated/Farmyard
Birds) on 3/29/95 the list has grown to over 90 subscribers (with more
individuals subscribing every day); while, the mailing list emu-ratites
current has over 150 subscribers.  This demonstrates that there is an
audience of individuals that simply require a forum in which to speak.


PROPOSED CHARTERS:  The *complete* charter for each newsgroup can be seen
                    in the FAQ.


Please see the proposed charters for the list of what can and cannot
be discussed in each newsgroup.  In all cases, any topics that would
clearly fit into a pre-existing newsgroup should be discussed in that
newsgroup (i.e. {*filter*}, pet birds should only be discussed in
rec.pets.birds, not in sci.agriculture.livestock.birds.* or

  The proposed unmoderated newsgroup misc.wildlife.bears will be open
  for the discussion of topics relating to wild and captive bears.

  This newsgroup will be renamed from the existing group rec.birds and is
  for the discussion of wild birds and bird watching.  The charter for
  this new group will be the same as for rec.birds.

  The proposed unmoderated newsgroup misc.wildlife.canines will be
  open for the discussion of topics relating to wild and captive canines.
  Discussion of wolf-crosses will be allowed; however, the discusion of
  domesticated canines is not.

  The proposed unmoderated newsgroup misc.wildlife.felines will be
  open for the discussion of topics relating to all species of wild
  and captive felines (with the exception of feral domestic cats).

  The proposed unmoderated newsgroup misc.wildlife.marine-mammals.dolphins
  will be open for the discussion of topics relating to all species of
  wild and captive dolphin.

  The proposed unmoderated newsgroup misc.wildlife.marine-mammals
  will be open for the discussion of topics relating to all species of
  marine mammals.

  This newsgroup will be renamed from the existing group
  rec.animals.wildlife and will be open to the discussion of many topics
  involving wild animals.  The charter for this newsgroup will be the same
  as for rec.animals.wildlife.

  The proposed unmoderated newsgroup misc.wildlife.raccoons will be
  open for the discussion of topics relating to wild and captive raccoons.

  The proposed unmoderated newsgroup rec.pets.ferrets will be open
  to topics relating to the care and ownership of pet ferrets.

  The proposed unmoderated newsgroup rec.pets.marketplace will be open to
  people who wish to buy and sell animals that are kept as pets, as well
  as, pet related products.

  This newsgroup will be renamed from the existing group rec.pets and
  will be open to the discussion of any species of animal kept as a
  pet.  The charter for this newsgroup will be the same as for rec.pets.

  The proposed unmoderated newsgroup rec.pets.rabbits will be open to any
  topic relating to the care and ownership of pet rabbits.

  The proposed unmoderated newsgroup rec.pets.rodents.chinchillas will be
  open to topics that involve chinchillas kept as pets.

  The proposed unmoderated newsgroup rec.pets.rodents.hamsters will be open
  to topics that involve hamsters kept as pets.

  The proposed unmoderated newsgroup rec.pets.rodents.misc will be open to
  topics that involve rodents kept as pets.

  The proposed unmoderated newsgroup rec.pets.support will be open to
  support issues involving pets.

  The proposed unmoderated newsgroup sci.agriculture.livestock.birds.misc
  will be open to discussion of topics related to birds that are used
  as livestock.

  The proposed unmoderated newsgroup sci.agriculture.livestock.birds.ratites
  will be open to discussion of topics related to the owning, breeding,
  and farming of ratites (i.e. emu,  ostrich, rheas, etc.).

  The proposed unmoderated newsgroup sci.agriculture.livestock.misc will
  be open to discussion of any topic regarding any species of animal
  considered livestock.

  This newsgroup will be renamed from the existing group sci.agriculture
  and will be open to the discussion of many topics involving agriculture.
  The charter for this newsgroup will be the same as for sci.agriculture.


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