2nd CFV: sci.agriculture.livestock.birds.ratites 
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 2nd CFV: sci.agriculture.livestock.birds.ratites
              SECOND AND FINAL CALL FOR VOTES (2nd of 2)
      unmoderated group sci.agriculture.livestock.birds.ratites

Newsgroups line:
sci.agriculture.livestock.birds.ratites Farmyard emus, ostriches, rheas, etc.

Votes must be recieved by 23:59 UTC, 11 September 1995.

This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party.  Voting questions

This CFV will be reposted to the following mailing lists:


  The proposed unmoderated newsgroup sci.agriculture.livestock.birds.ratites
  will be open to the discussion of topics related to the ownership,
  breeding, and farming of ratites used in agriculture.

  Examples of ratites

  Allowed Topics (not limited to these)
     Equipment Used
     Health/Veterinary Care & Management

  Inappropriate Topics
     Discussion of Wild (non-{*filter*}) or {*filter*}/Caged Birds
     Animal Rights (see talk.politics.animals)
     Hunting (see rec.hunting)
     Cock Fighting
     Falconry (see alt.sport.falconry or alt.sports.falconry)

SPECIAL NOTE:  Due to a votetaker error, the 1st CFV for this group mistakenly

sci.agriculture.livestock.birds.misc will be gatewayed to DOM_BIRD.  If this
error would cause you to chance your opinion about this proposal, please
revote and accept my sincere apologies for the mixup.


does not constitute a vote.)  Just replying to this article should work
unless you are reading it on a mailing list, but please check the TO address.

Please remove text before the marker line below.  Voting mail is archived
by the votetakers, and hundreds of copies of the entire CFV wastes space.

Type your vote of YES or NO for each group on the line for that group.
If you do not wish to vote for a group, simply leave that line alone.
You need not worry about quoting characters which your mailer inserts.
Please type YES or NO, not Y, N, or X.  The votes are tabulated by a
program, and a valid vote is defined as the word YES or NO on the same
line as the name of the group.

You may also ABSTAIN in place of YES/NO - this will not affect the outcome.
Anything else may be rejected by the automatic vote counting program.  The
votetaker will respond to your received ballots with a personal acknowledge-
ment by mail - if you do not receive one within several days, try again.
It is your responsibility to make sure your vote is registered correctly.

-=-=-=-=-=- Don't Delete Anything Between These Lines =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
sci.agriculture.livestock.birds.ratites Ballot <SALBR-0001> (Don't remove this)

Give your real name here:

[Your Vote]  Group
[  YES    ]  sample.group.you.support
[  NO     ]  sample.group.you.oppose
[         ]  sci.agriculture.livestock.birds.ratites
-=-=-=-=-=- Don't Delete Anything Between These Lines =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Standard Guidelines for voting apply.  You may only vote once, regardless
of how many accounts you may have.  Only one vote per account, regardless
of how many people use that account.  Later votes replace previous ones.
Forwarded or proxy votes are invalid.  100 more YES votes than NO votes
and 2/3 of all votes being YES are the requirements for group creation.


Anything other than the official ballot may be rejected by the automatic
vote-counting software.  The votetaker will respond to your received vote
with a semi-automated acknowledgement by e-mail - if you do not receive
one within several days, try again.  It's your responsibility to make
sure your vote is registered correctly.

Addresses and votes of all voters will be published in the final voting
results list.

Duplicate votes will be resolved in favor of the most recent valid vote.

Anonymous votes will not be accepted.  Votes mailed by WWW/HTML/CGI forms are
considered anonymous votes.  (The vote must be mailed directly from the
voter to the votetaker.)

In cases where voting fraud is determined to have occurred, it is standard
operating procedure to delete ALL votes submitted by the violator.

Anyone who distributes pre-filled ballots, shortcut instructions, or
modified copies of this CFV commits voting fraud.  If you give anyone
copies of the CFV, the copies must be whole and unmodified.

When in doubt, ask the votetaker.


The following related CFVs are also running in news.announce.newgroups:
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        Unmoderated sci.agriculture.livestock.misc
        Unmoderated sci.agriculture.livestock.birds.misc
        Rename rec.animals.wildlife to unmoderated misc.wildlife.misc
        Rename rec.birds to unmoderated misc.wildlife.birds
        Rename rec.pets to unmoderated rec.pets.misc
        Rename sci.agriculture to unmoderated sci.agriculture.misc

If you are interested in voting on any of these proposals, please check

asking for a copy of the relevant CFV(s).


All votes received by August 31st, 23:59 UTC have been counted and ACKed.
Vote acknowledgements sent to the following addresses have bounced.  These
votes *have* been counted, but I have been unable to reply to their mail.
If you voted, but you have NOT received an ACK *and* your name is NOT listed
below, then your vote was probably lost somewhere in the ether.  Please


The following people have sent malformed ballots which have not been
superceded by a Yes, No, or Abstain vote.  These people should revote.

   ! No vote statement in message

   ! No vote statement in message

   ! No vote statement in message

Thank you for taking the time to vote,
Ed Bailey

Sat, 21 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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