Emu Ranching Open House! 
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 Emu Ranching Open House!
You're invited to an Open House!!
SauerMugg's Big Bird Ranch
Potlatch, Idaho
Saturday, May 27, 1995
1:00 - 5:00 pm

Learn about one of the fastest growing agri-businesses in the world.
Full-time profitable farming or extra income on 1 acre. Small
investment to get started.  Financing and boarding available.

Learn what to look for and questions to ask before you buy.

  Average 20 chicks per pair per year
  productive 20+ years
  97% fat-free red meat
  95% consumable
  environmentally friendly

Emu product demonstrations:
 Meat Tasting
 Arthritis-pain Relief Cream
 Burn Cream
 Sports Rub

Directions: From Potlatch, turn right on Pine Street, turns into Rock
Creek Road, approximately 2 miles, stay right on Rock Creek, approximately
1 ? miles stay left on Fielder Road, ? mile on left.

For more information: (208) 875-1444

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