RFD for uk.business.agriculture (posted in sci.agriculture) 
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 RFD for uk.business.agriculture (posted in sci.agriculture)

The following RFD was posted in uk.net.news.announce and
uk.net.news.config on the 16th May. I am posting here in sci.agriculture
on behalf of the proposer. I am not directly involved in agriculture
myself but I live in a community in which agriculture is a primary
industry. I fully support any expansion of agricultural resources on the
Internet. Followups set to uk.net.news.config

             RFD for unmoderated group uk.business.agriculture

uk.business.agriculture         Agriculture and Farming in the UK

    This group is needed as the Internet is now becoming perceived as an
    important medium of communication by farmers in the U.K. for the
    dissemination of news, ideas, comments and topical farming
    information. Farmers in particular have a long history of sharing
    information and discussing topical issues amongst themselves,
    historically through various organizations such as the National
    Farmers Union and various producer groups.  The technical advances
    offered by the Internet are a logical extension of this
    dissemination of information. However, as it is a subject of
    interest to a particular finite group of people it is felt that it
    needs it's own group.

    This group is essentially for the discussion of daily
    agricultural and farming topics and events, chiefly affecting
    the U.K. This discussion is open to all but contributions on a
    practical farming level are encouraged. The group is expected to
    be patronized by both farmers and those professionals associated
    with agriculture.

    This group will not be moderated.

    Short adverts ( less than 20 lines ) announcing events relevant
    to readers are permitted. Commercial advertising will not be.

    Binaries are not permitted in this group, but references to
    FTP-able material and Web URLs are welcomed.



Penzance Cornwall England                            

Tue, 24 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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