March your way into the weekend! 
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 March your way into the weekend!
March your way into the weekend!

Join Nader supporters in DC, April 24-25,
as they rally for justice and equal rights

Washington, DC:

Saturday, April 24th, IMF/World Bank Protest - meet at 11am, 15th & H St, NW.

Sunday, April 25th, March for Women's Lives - meet at 9:30am, Smithsonian Metro Stop.

If you arrive late, ask a volunteer to point you towards the Ralph Nader group.

See you there!

Nader: Oil the Source of Two of Earths Major Problems:
Wars for Oil and Climate Change

Protect the Environment and the People of Our Planet by Ending Our {*filter*}ion to Oil

Washington, DC: On Earth Day 2004, Independent presidential candidate
Ralph Nader highlighted as two priorities: ending the Iraqi occupation
and facing up to the immediate crisis of global climate change. "Future
geopolitical crises involving oil resources and environmental problems
will be diminished by finding alternatives to fossil fuels," said Nader.

Nader linked the two issues on Earth Day because he sees them as
symptomatic of the corporate oil-based, planet destructive behavior of
the Bush Administration. Nader has called for the United States to
withdraw from Iraq - including military, private military contractors,
oil industry and other corporations. Nader noted: "The war in Iraq is
unleashing widening cycles of {*filter*}. The potential for escalation of
{*filter*} increases every day the US military remains in Iraq. The way to
reverse the spiral of {*filter*} is for the United States to go back home.
The US presence serves as a magnet for the insurrection, {*filter*}ping,
terrorism and destruction." Nader released a three-step strategy for
withdrawal earlier this week. See for details.


For further information, contact:

Kevin Zeese

Matt Ahearn


Grease a baking pan, and fill with a thick bed of onions,
   celery, green onions, and parsley.
Place roast on top with fat side up.
Place uncovered in 500 oven for 20 minutes, reduce oven to 325.
Bake till medium rare (150) and let roast rest.
Pour stock over onions and drippings, carve the meat and
   place the slices in the au jus.

Bisque l?Enfant

Honor the memory of Grandma with this dish by utilizing her good
silver soup tureen and her great grandchildren (crawfish, crab or
lobster will work just as well, however this dish is classically
made with crawfish).

Stuffed infant heads, stuffed crawfish heads, stuffed crab or lobster shells;
   make patties if shell or head is not available
   (such as with packaged crawfish, crab, or headless baby).
bell peppers
garlic salt, pepper, etc.
3 cups chicken stock
2 sticks butter
3 tablespoons oil

First stuff the heads, or make the patties (see index)
   then fry or bake.  
Set aside to drain on paper towels.
Make a roux with butter, oil and flour,
   brown vegetables in the roux, then add chicken stock and
   allow to simmer for 20 minutes.
Add the patties or stuffed heads, and some loose crawfish,
   lobster, long piglet, or what have you.
Cook on low for 15 minutes, then allow it to set for at least
   15 minutes more.
Serve over steamed rice; this dish is very impressive!

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Babies really can be found under a cabbage leaf -
or one can arrange for ground beef to be found there instead.

8 large cabbage leaves
1 lb. lean ground newborn human filets, or ground chuck
soy sauce
salt pepper, etc
Olive oil
Tomato Gravy (see index)

Boil the cabbage leaves for 2 minutes to soften.
In skillet, brown the meat in a little olive oil,
   then add onions, peppers, and celery (all chopped finely)
   and season well.

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