CONF: VRAIS-95 Call for Participation (March 1995) 
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 CONF: VRAIS-95 Call for Participation (March 1995)

Call for Participation  

                              VRAIS '95
                            March 11-15, 1995

                        IEEE Virtual Reality
                   Annual International Symposium
                Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
             Sheraton Imperial Hotel & Convention Center

                           Sponsored by
                The IEEE Neural Networks Council
                The IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on
                        Computer Graphics


                        AUGUST 15, 1994


Technical Papers will be peer reviewed.  Accepted papers will
be published in the conference proceedings.  Topics of interest

Software Architectures for VR           Operating Systems Considerations
Behavi{*filter*}Modelling for VR                     for VR
Tools and Techniques for Animation      Parallel Processing for VR
        and Modelling in VR Systems     Telepresence and Telerobotics
Software Tools for VR Development               Actuators
        and Rapid Prototyping           Human Factors of VR
Artificial Intelligence Applied to VR   Calibration of VR Systems
Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks         Registration with the Real World
        Applied to VR                   Evaluation of VR Techniques and
Graphic Algorithms for VR                       Systems
Distributed VR Systems                  Safety Standards for VR
Shared VR Systems                       Graphics and Video Hardware for VR
Augumented Reality Systems              VR Display Devices, including:
VR Environment Design                           Visual, Audio, Kinesthetic,
VR Interaction and Navigation                   Force, Tactile, Olfactory,
        Techniques                              and Taste Displays
Innovative and Useful Applications      Sensors
        of VR                           Position and Motion Tracking
High Performance Driver Design          Gesture Recognition
        for VR                          Wireless Computer Connections

For Technical Paper review, please:

Send 6 copies of full papers to the Meeting Management address.  Papers
may be submitted for review in either double column or single column/
double space format.  Papers are limited in length to no more than
eight double-columns/single space pages.  Paper s must be written in

In a cover letter, please include the complete title of the paper and
the corresponding address, phone, fax and email information.

Program Co-chairs

Steven Bryson                           Steven Feiner
NASA Ames Research Center               Columbia University


The organizing committee invites proposals for small informal workshops
on narrowly focused topics in VR, which could be held during the
tutorials weekend before the main conference.  Workshop proposals
should include address, phone, fax, email information for the
organizers, and a description of the themes, goals, and planned
activities of the workshop.  Note that the organizing committee will
charge an additional registration fee to the attendees of any workshop
sufficient to recover its costs.


The organizing committee cordially invites you to submit your
experimental results, software and hardware demonstra- tions, and
computer animations and graphics in videotape for- mat.  The videos are
intended to enhance and complement the topics in the technical paper
section however, each video should stand on its own.  Videos will be
peer reviewed.  Accepted videos will be published on a one hour, half
inch VHS format proceedings tape and shown in a video poster session at
the conference site.

Suggestions for video production:

        Use sound constructively.  Music and background
        noise generally detract from the presentation.  Videos
        without descriptive narration cannot be used.

        Flow charts, block diagrams, circuit boards,
        computers, or operators should not be included.

        Keep the subject technical, not promotional.

        Illustrate systems, results, or user interaction not
        easily conveyed in a written paper.

        Be concise; convey one major result clearly.

        Make videos 'stand alone' and self contained.

Technical videos:  Please submit one high-quality copy of a 2 to 3
minute video segment in half inch VHS or 3/4 inch Umatic format, and a
one page information sheet containing TITLE, AUTHORS, AFFILIATIONS,
ADDRESS, and 200 WORD ABSTRACT with references and acknowledgements.
In a cover letter, please include topic area, correspondence address,
phone and FAX numbers and email address if avail- able.  Label tapes
with title and authors.

Video Proceedings Chair
Blake Hannaford
University of Washington


The program committee invites you to submit proposals for panel
sessions to be held during the conference.  The proposal should include
a title for the panel session and a brief description of the overall
issues to be discussed, together with an abstract of each panelist's
presentation, and the address, phone, fax, email information.


The organizing committee cordially invites experts in the field to
submit proposals for tutorials dealing with virtual reality
technology.  The tutorials will be half-day or a full-day in length.
Topics to be considered include:

        Psychophysical Factors

The two page proposal should include the author, affiliation, and
qualifications (e.g. a brief biographical summary), the length of time
needed to cover the material, a detailed section on the subject to be
taught, all audio/video requirements, and email address.

Tutorials Chair
Beth Wenzel
NASA Ames Research Center


The conference will allocate space to vendors, companies
and publishers to display and demonstrate their latest
innovations in Virtual Reality technology.  Potential
exhibitors are encouraged to contact the Exhibits Chair for
more information:

        Exhibits Chairs
        Karen Haines
        Department of EECE
        University of New Mexico
        Albuquerque, New Mexico  87131

Due date of submissions of all types of
materials is August 15, 1994.
All submissions are to be mailed to:

        Meeting Management
        2603 Main Street, #690
        Irvine, CA  92714
Tel. 619-752-8205       FAX 619-752-7444


In 1993, the IEEE Neural Networks Council sponsored VRAIS '93, held in
Seattle, Washington in September.  The IEEE Computer Society Technical
Committee on Computer Graphics sponsored the "Symposium on Research
Frontiers in VR" workshop in conjunction with Visualization '93, in San
Jose, California in October.  These two meetings made up a watershed
event:  They were the first IEEE-sponsored, solidly tech- nical,
refereed meetings focused on the rapidly-developing field known as
Virtual Reality or Virtual Environments.

These two IEEE organizations have now joined forces, to co-sponsor the
next VRAIS conference, to be held in Research Triangle Park, North
Carolina, at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel & Convention Center, from
March 11-15, 1995.  The sponsors are united in their goal to make VRAIS
the premier technical conference on Virtual Reality, bringing together
workers in the many diverse technical discplines contributing to this
field, and providing a forum for the interchange of timely/quality
theories, experimental results, and technological developments.

In addition to VRAIS '95, technical paper presentations and published
proceedings, the organizing committee plans a video proceedings and a
two day tutorial session preceding the main conference.  The program
committee also invites you to submit proposals for panel sessions, to
be held during the main conference, and small, infor- mal workshops,
which could be held during the tutorials weekend.  Guidelines for
submitting each of these types of technical contributions are contained
in this brochure.

General Chair
David Mizell
Boeing Computer Services

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