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 sci.aeronautics.airliners interest
[This was separately approved to sci.aeronautics by their
moderators, and is being manually reposted to the other
groups now by me]

I have been informally asked if I could pick up
moderation of the long-dormant newsgroup
sci.aeronautics.airliners .  The news.announce.newgroups
team are performing a Moderator Vacancy Investigation
on that group now and are likely to remove the group
if someone does not take over moderation.

Before they decide what to do, I have suggested that we
poll some related newsgroups.  The basic question is,
is there enough interest still in there being a separate
airliners newsgroup to reactivate sci.aeronautics.airliners ?

If yes, we will presumably restart the group and I would
be the moderator.

If not, presumably people will continue talking
about airliners in other related newsgroups that are
active or unmoderated, or the parent sci.aeronautics .
If not, we would let the group die and be removed rather
than me going to the effort of starting up moderation for
it again.

This is an informal interest poll not a vote.

To respond to the poll, please EMAIL your opinion
on this subject to me at:

To avoid my spamtraps, please use the word "AIRLINERS"
in the subject line, preferably in all caps.

This is not a vote and the results will be made public
only in summary form, but I may publish a list of who
responded.  If you DO NOT want your name on that list
and want to remain anonymous please clearly say so in
your response, otherwise I will assume that it is ok
to include your name.

Please respond by no later than Friday, January 7, 2005.
I am picking a three week poll to ensure that a reasonable
number of people who may be on holiday break get a chance
to see the poll and respond to it.

Thank you.

-george william herbert
Moderator, &
Moderator, sci.military.moderated
Moderator, sci.aeronautics.simulation
Moderator, alt.war.nuclear.biological-chemical-radiological-moderated

Mon, 11 Jun 2007 12:10:54 GMT
 sci.aeronautics.airliners interest

Informal poll period for sci.aeronautics.airliners has
now completed.   The informal poll was asking about interest
in restarting the currently vacant moderated s.a.a ; the alternative
which NAN moderators were considering in the MVI was to roll s.a.a
up into the parent sci.aeronautics.

The response to the poll question of whether they supported
a separate group were:

   1 CON (against restarting s.a.a, for keeping it on sci.aeronautics)
   1 INTEREST OTHER (asked about ok topics and moderation policy
        but never expressed a pro or con opinion)
  12 PRO (for restarting s.a.a)

Respondents were (email addresses snipped for privacy reasons):

### David Lednicer
### Dr Exiddor Ngirabiang.
### Stephen Selipsky
### "Zunser, Bruce E"
### Ron Parsons
### Dr. Mustafa Cavcar
### "Jean-Fran ois Mezei"
### Marcel Burlet
### Lee Flatt
### Jonathan Thornburg
### Ken Rose
### "John R Weiss"
### Katie Schwarz
### "Frank Jenkins"

The people seemed relatively enthusiastic, overall, even though
I only got 14 total responses.  There were a couple of offers to
help moderate.

-george william herbert

Wed, 27 Jun 2007 18:36:13 GMT
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