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 CONF: ACM CSC '93 Call For Participation

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                    1993 COMPUTER SCIENCE CONFERENCE

                          February 16-18, 1993
                        Indiana Convention Center
                            Indianapolis,  IN

        Conference Chair:                    Program Chair:
        John F. Buck                         Stan C. Kwasny
        Indiana University                   Washington University
        Bloomington                          St. Louis

       ==>     C A L L   F O R   P A R T I C I P A T I O N      <==

                           * *** *** ***** *
                            * CSC '93 THEME *
                             * *** *** ***** *

               [  if  (if),   conj.    1.   conjunction  ]
               [  introducing   a  clause  (called  the  ]
               [  protasis)  of condition  or  supposi-  ]
               [  tion  or   expressing  a  hypothesis;  ]
               [  2. supposing that;  3. provided that;  ]
               [  4. assuming that.                      ]

The general theme for the  1993 ACM Computer Science  Conference is  if.
The focus is on possibility:
    ``if I could . .  .'' ``if there were . . .'' ``if only . . .''.
In  computer science,  we're faced  with an increasing demand to address
and resolve ifs.  Some of these ifs serve to stimulate our own thoughts,
goals, and ambitions.   The conference will explore some of these ifs in
the following four sub-topics:

                  o   Instructional Frameworks
                  o   Infinite      Functionality
                  o   Industrial    Frontiers
                  o   Intelligent   Futures

Papers and tutorials are solicited in,  but not  limited  to,  the areas  
indicated below.  Tutorials, formal presentations, and abstract sessions
will be selected from submissions.


  Curriculum, multi-media, program visualization, instructional
  resources, constructivism, curriculum consortia, restructuring,
  instantiation of professional ethics and social responsibilities.


  Virtual reality, human/machine interface, programming paradigms,
  parallelism, knowledge bases, hypertext, computer graphics.


  Object-oriented programming, interfaces, case tools, VLSI, CAD/CAM,
  functional divisibility, software engineering, applications


  Artificial intelligence, neural networks, genetic algorithms,
  expert systems, cognitive modeling, speech and language understanding

In addition to the paper presentations,  panel sessions,  and tutorials,
the program will also include featured talks from well-known experts.

                         *********  **********
                          * INVITED  SPEAKERS *
                           *********  **********

   Douglas R. Hofstadter, Indiana University       Goedel, Escher, Bach
   S. Jerrold Kaplan, Go Corporation                Pen-Based Computing
   Alan Kay, Apple Computer Corporation                        Dynabook
   Myron Krueger, Artificial Reality Corporation     Artificial Reality
   Douglas B. Lenat, MCC                                    CYC Project
   Ben Shneiderman, University of Maryland   Human-Computer Interaction

                        * *** *** **** *** ****** *
                       * CSC '93 CALL FOR PAPERS *
                      * *** *** **** *** ****** *

Research papers,  survey and tutorial articles, case studies, and  novel
implementations/applications   are  invited  in  all   computer  science
research areas  for inclusion in  CSC '93.  Preference  will be given to
those submissions which emphasize the topic areas indicated.   Length of
papers  should not exceed  twenty double-spaced  pages using  a 12-point
font,  and the subject area of the paper  must be indicated on the cover
page.  Five  copies  of the  complete papers  in a format  suitable  for
review must be post-marked by August 3, 1992.   Authors will be notified
of the review decisions by September 18, 1992.  Camera-ready copies must
be received  by  November  2,  1992, for publication in the proceedings.
The Program Committee may select outstanding papers to be considered for
publication  in CACM or one of the other ACM journals.  Papers should be
sent to:

             Dr. Stan C. Kwasny, CSC '93 Program Chair
             Department of Computer Science
             Washington University, Campus Box 1045
             One Brookings Drive
             St. Louis, MO  63130-4899

       |                                                          |
       |                     IMPORTANT DATES                      |
       |                                                          |
       |  Papers post-marked by:                August  3, 1992   |
       |  Proposals for tutorials received by:  August  3, 1992   |
       |  Proposals for panels received by:     August  3, 1992   |
       |  Paper review decisions by:         September 18, 1992   |
       |  Camera-ready copies by:             November  2, 1992   |
       |  Student posters submitted by:       November 30, 1992   |
       |  Posters acceptance by:              December 31, 1992   |
       |                                                          |

               CSC '93 Student Poster Session Competition

The  student poster  session competition  is a new event  with  CSC '93.
Poster sessions offer students a chance to meet others in their field as
well as provide employers  with an opportunity to meet  the top students
from the schools represented.  Students whose abstracts are nominated by
their departments  and  accepted  by the committee  will  present  their
research in poster session format.  Competition will be conducted in two
categories,  graduate and undergraduate.  Prizes will be awarded  on the
basis of  peer review to take place  during the conference.  Each school
may nominate  a maximum  of three students papers, limited to two in any
one  category.    The  application   deadline  is   November  30,  1992.
Notification  of  acceptance  will  be  no  later  than  December  31st.
For further details and instructions for submitting, contact:

             Drs. Kenneth and Sally Goldman
             CSC '93 Poster Competition
             Department of Computer Science
             Washington University, Campus Box 1045
             St. Louis, MO  63130-4899

                         CSC '93 Panel Sessions

Proposals  for  panel sessions  must  be  received  by  August  3, 1992.
Proposals  should be mailed to Dr. Stan C. Kwasny,  at the address given
above  and must include  a brief abstract of the topic and a copy of the
resume/vita of the moderator.

                    CSC '93 Pre-Conference Tutorials

Pre-conference tutorials  will  be  held  on  Monday, February 15, 1993.
Proposals for half- or full-day tutorials must be received by  August 3,
1992.  Topics  should be  related  to the  conference theme.  A proposal
should include a course title,  a one-page course outline, a description
of  the  target  audience,   the  expected  audience  background,  and a
resume/vita of the instructor(s).  Proposals should be sent to:

             Dr. Bruce E. Flinchbaugh
             Texas Instruments, Central Research Laboratories
             P.O. Box 655474, M/S 238
             Dallas, TX 75265

                             Student Program

The  Program  Committee,  with  the  assistance  of  local  ACM  Student
Chapters,  is  formulating  a presentation  track  suited  to  students'
interests.  Panels and presentations  will be considered  on topics such

             o   How to job search
             o   Is graduate school for me?
             o   Is there life after graduate school?
                        -   in academia?
                        -   in business and industry?
             o   Funding
                        -   from scholarships
                        -   from business
                        -   for women and minorities

                           * *** *** ******** *
                          * CSC '93 FEATURES *
                         * *** *** ******** *

                       A.M. Turing Award & Lecture

ACM's  most  prestigious  award  will be  presented  at  CSC '93  to  an
individual  selected  for  making  contributions considered to  be of  a
lasting and major technical importance to the computer field.

                     CRA Department Chairs' Program

The  Department Chairs'  Program  (sponsored  by the  Computing Research
Association)  includes  the Wednesday luncheon  with  an invited speaker
addressing   a   timely   topic   of   interest   to   computer  science

                    The 1993 ACM Programming Contest
                   Sponsored by AT&T Easylink Services

Winners  of regional contests  will meet  at CSC '93  to compete  in the
programming  contest   finals.   All  colleges   and   universities  are
encouraged  to enter  regional competition.  For additional information,
contact the regional contest coordinator  at ACM Headquarters by calling
(212) 869-7440.

                The 23rd ACM International Computer Chess

A  new  event  at  CSC '93,  the 23rd  ACM International  Computer Chess
Championship   (formerly   the   ACM  North  American   Computer   Chess
Championship,   held   during   the   annual   ACM/IEEE  Conference   on
High-Performance  Computing)   will  begin  Sunday,  February 14th.  The
Championship will be a five round, Swiss-style event, with rounds played
during the day on Sunday and  on the following evenings.  The games will
be played  at a speed of 40 moves  per side  for the first two hours  of
play  and 20 for any additional hours.  Prizes will be awarded after the
final game.

For more information, or to apply as a competitor, contact:

             Monty Newborn
             School of Computer Science
             McGill University
             3480 University St.
             Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 2A7

                           * *** *** ******** *
                          * CSC '93 FEATURES *
                         * *** *** ******** *

                       CSC '93 Employment Register

The 21st Annual Computer Science  Professional  Undergraduate Employment
Register  during CSC '93 provides an excellent opportunity for prospect-
ive  and  recent graduates,  professionals,  and  employers  to meet and
interview for both business and academic positions.  Students interested
in graduate studies may meet with  representatives from graduate schools
offering a wide variety of programs.  Official registration  is required
of both applicants and employers.

                            CSC '93 Exhibits

CSC '93 invites technical and educational exhibits  of computing related
products  and  services   in  the  fields  of  commerce  and  education.
Convenient and  effective  exhibit space  is  available  in the  Indiana
Convention  Center.  Academic Institutions  and SIGs  are encouraged  to
participate.  For details,  contact  Adams Carroll at  Danieli & O'Keefe
Associates, Inc. at (508) 443-3330.

                        Student Social Activities

A special task force  from local ACM Student Chapters is being recruited
to  arrange  social activities   for  student  members  of  ACM.   These
activities may range from trips on the town to conversational gatherings
with  faculty and  industry representatives.  Suggestions or  ideas  for
enhancement  of the  student program  should  be sent  to the Conference
Chair, John F. Buck, at Indiana University.
Ian Flanigan

Medical Informatics Group
Washington University in St. Louis      "You can never have too many napkins."
(314) 362-4320

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