Meckler VR Conference Program, 23-25 Sept 91, San Francisco 
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 Meckler VR Conference Program, 23-25 Sept 91, San Francisco

       Meckler's "Virtual Reality '91" Conference Program

September 23-25, 1991
La Meridien Hotel
San Francisco, CA

Sponsored by Virtual Reality Report & Multimedia Review

Monday, September 23:  Introduction/Review  

        9:00-9:15  Opening and Introductions  
                Sandra Kay Helsel, Ph.D.  
                Editor-in-Chief Virtual Reality Report and  
                  Multimedia Review;  
          Principal, Infinite Media  

        Moderator:  Czeslaw Jan Gryce, Ph.D.  
        Scholarship and Technology Study Project  
        University of California, Berkeley  

1.  9:15-10:00  
   "Virtual Reality: An OverView"  
    Howard Rheingold, editor of Whole Earth Review, multimedia  
    columnist for Publish, author of Virtual Reality by Summit  

2.  10:00-10:45  
    "Artificial Reality: An Overview"  
        Myron Krueger, Ph.D., Artificial Reality Corporation  

3.  11:15-12:00  
        Joseph Henderson, M.D., Interactive Media Laboratory,  
        Dartmouth Medical School  

4.  12:00-12:30 Summary and Questions  

    12:30-2:00 Lunch  

5.  2:00-2:45  
        "Europe's Impact on Virtual Reality and its Development"  
        Florian Brody, Senior Project Manager for New Technology,  
        National Library, Austria.  

6.  2:45-3:15  
        "An Evolution of Synthetic Reality and Tactile  
        David Hon, President, Ixion  

    Coffee 3:15-3:45  

7.  3:45-4:15                          
        "The Virtual Business Enterprise: Visual Analysis of  
      Information Flow."  
        Charles Grantham, Ph.D. & Bradford Smith, Ph.D.  
        University of San Francisco, College of Professional      

        4:15-5:15 Roundtable  

        6:00 Reception  

Tuesday, September 24:  
9:00-9:15 Opening & Introduction of Keynote Speaker  
        Sandra Kay Helsel, Ph.D.  

                          Jaron Lanier  

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break  

                       Concurrent Sessions  


(Tuesday Morning:  Room A)  

MODERATOR:  Richard Brandt, Ed.D., Course Developer  
               Sun Microsystems, Inc.  

9.  10:30-11:05  
"The Realities of Building Virtual Realities."  
Bryan Lewis, Ph.D., Verdical User Environments;  
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center.  

10.  11:05-11:40  
        Doug Crockford, Lucas Arts  

11.  11:40-12:15  
"Intellectual Property Protection and Virtual Reality"  
Daniel Siegal, Attorney at Law; Irell & Manella.  

12.  12:15-12:30 Summary and Questions  

12:30-2:00 Lunch  


(Tuesday Morning:  Room B)  

        Moderator:  John Coyne, Ph.D.  
        Management Science, George Washington University  

14.  10:30-11:00  
 "Angels," or "Les Recontres Angeliques"  
Nicole Stenger, Visiting Scholar; Human Interface Technology  
Laboratory; University of Washington, Seattle.  

15.  11:00-11:30  
"Educational Applications of Virtual Reality:  Medium or Myth?"
Jim McCluskey, Assistant Professor of Journalism and Mass  
Communications; Kansas State University.  

16.  11:30-12:00  
 "Kinesthetic Training Devices."  
 Tim Dowding, Instruction Designer;  
 Analysis & Technology, Inc.  

17.  "Braided Realities for Crisis/Emergency Management."  
Roland Hjerppe, LibLAB, Department; Linkoping University, Sweden.
Erland Jungert, Swedish Defense Research Establishment, Department
of Information Technology; Linkoping University, Sweden.  

12:30-2:00 Lunch  

Centers for Research & Development  

(Tuesday Afternoon:  Room A)  

MODERATOR:  Dennis Falk, Ph.D.  
            Center for the Advancement of Learning Technologies
               Department of Social Work; College of Education & Human
               Service Professions  
               University of Minnesota  

18.  2:00-2:2:30  
"Virtual Reality at the Institute for Simulation and Training"  
Richard-Dunn Roberts, Visual Systems Scientist; Institute for  
Simulation and Training, University of Central Florida.  

19.  "Virtual Reality at NYNEX."  
Rory Stuart.  Member of Technical Staff, Intelligent Interfaces
Group of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of NYNEX Science
and Technology.  

3:00-3:30 Coffee Break  

20.  3:30-4:00  
"VPL Research"  

21.  4:00-4:30  
"Visual Perception Program"  
Tom Piantanida, Ph.D.  
SRI, International  


22.  "A Description of the Human Interface Technology Laboratory"
William Bricken, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Human Interface  
Technology Laboratory, University of Washington.  

5:00-5:30  Summary and Roundtable  

6:00-7:00 Reception  

Market Info  

(Tuesday Afternoon:  Room B)  

        Moderator:  Linda Jacobson, Chief Scribe, WordsWork.  

23.  2:00-2:30  
"Virtual Reality:  When Will Reality Meet the Marketplace?"  
John Latta, Ph.D., 4th Wave, Inc.  

24.  2:30-3:00  
"The VR Industry:  Is It Real or is it Virtual?."  
Anthony Asche, President; StrayLight Corp.  

3:00-3:30  Coffee Break  

25.  "Market Overview in the U.K.  
     Charles Grimsdale, DIVISION  

26.  "Japan's Game Vendors and VR"  
Jack Plimpton, President; Japan Entry.  

4:30-5:00 Summary and Roundtable  

6:00-7:00 Reception  


                     SPECIAL JOINT SESSION:  

(Wednesday Morning)  

8:30-8:40 Introduction  
                Sandra Kay Helsel, Ph.D., Conference Chair  

27.  8:40-9:20 "Mathematical Foundations of {*filter*}space"  
                  William Bricken, Ph.D.  Principal Scientist,  
               Human Interface Technology Laboratory, University  
               of Washington.  

28.  9:20-10:00  "How Many D's in Reality?"  
                  Theodor Holm Nelson, Founding Designer of Project  
            Xanadu, AutoDesk Distinguished Fellow.  

10:00-10:30  Coffee Break  

                       CONCURRENT SESSIONS  


Wednesday Morning (Room A)  

        Moderator:  Kenny Meyer, Piltdown  

29.  10:30-11:10  
        "New Advances in PC-Based Hardware"  
        Tom Coull, V.P. Marketing;  

30.  11:10-11:50  
     Randy Haykin, Apple Computer, Inc.  

31.  11:50-12:30    
        Randy Walser, AutoDesk  


        (Wednesday Morning:  Room B)  

        Moderator:  Walt Duflock, Editor-in-Chief, Santa Clara  
        Computer & High Technology Law Journal.  

32.  10:30-11:10    
     StereoSynthesis (tm)--"2D-3D Conversion Process"
     David M. Geshwind, President
        Latent Image Development Corporation

33.  10:10-11:50    
"Stereoscopic Video and the Quest for Virtual Reality"  
Michael Starks, President, 3-DTV  

34.  11:50-12:30      
Michael Miller, Chairman, Enter Corporation  

12:30-2:00 Lunch  


(Wednesday Afternoon:  Room A)  

        MODERATOR:  David Traub  
     Vice President of Development, Center Point Communications

35.  2:00-2:30  
Jordan Weisman, Executive Vice President, Creative Director;  
Virtual World Entertainments, Inc.  

36.  2:30-3:00  
"Virtual Reality Entertainment Products"  
Diana Gagnon, Ph.D., Interactive Associates  

3:30-4:00 Coffee Break  

37.  4:00-4:30  
"Virtual Reality and Entertainment."  
Steve Glenn, Vice President of Adventure/Entertainment Group,  
SimGraphics Engineering  

38.  4:30-5:00  
"The Mandala System"  
Vincent John Vincent,  
Vivid Effects  

5:00-5:30 Summary and Roundtable  


(Wednesday afternoon:  Room B)  


39.  2:00-2:30  
        EXOS "HandMaster"  
        Beth Marcus, Ph.D.  

40.  2:30-3:00  
"6-D Motion Tracking"  
Hugh L. Applewhite, Piltdown  

3:00-3:30 Coffee Break  

41.  3:30-4:00    
"Force Feedback:  The Sense of Touch at the Interface"  
Margaret Minsky, Ph.D.;  
MIT Media Lab  

42.  4:00-4:30  
"3-D Sound for Virtual Reality: The Possible and the Probable."
Durand R. Begault, Ph.D., Researcher;  
NASA-AMES Research Center/National Research Council.  

Summary and Roundtable  

For additional information, contact Meckler's Conference
Department, 11 Ferry Lane West, Westport, CT 06880; 800-635-5537.


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