CONF: Virtual Reality Vienna '93, Dec 93, Third Call for Papers 
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 CONF: Virtual Reality Vienna '93, Dec 93, Third Call for Papers

3rd Call for Papers


Virtual Reality Vienna `93

The Global VR-Focus in Europe

1st to 3rd of December 1993
Palais Ferstl, Vienna/Austria


Simulation in Progress

The cutting-edge in simulation technologies and the continuous
development in Computer Science led towards a new and fascinating
field: "Virtual Reality".

The symposium offers the opportunity to attend discussions and present
and to respond to papers about Virtual Reality (VR) and closely
related fields. Participants will also have the opportunity to test

The symposium covers state-of-the-art technology in VR and newest
technological innovations. It will not foster general discussions
about VR, but is specificly directed towards VR-Experts.

The symposium additionally features the following fields, if the
contents are directly connected to VR:

   * data visualisation
   * 3D-User interfaces
   * high speed computer graphics
   * advanced video games

Call for Papers

We invite proposals, abstracts and papers in the new field of VR and
related topics.

Deadline: 1st of August 1993

Abstracts and papers can be send via email to

or via mail (on 3.5" Floppy, DOS-format, ASCII- or "Word for Windows"-
Format) to

   Christian Bauer
   Hoettinger Gasse 8
   A-6020 Innsbruck
   Austria / Europe

The abstract should have about 600 to 800 words, giving in a
compressed form the essential ideas of the full paper. Full papers
should be around 5000 words, with illustrations and photographs where

Pictures are highly appreciated! They can either be part of the "Word
for Windows"-file, or be seperate on Floppy in TIFF-, PCX- or BMP-
Format. We can work with color-pictures, although the print-outs will
be in black and white only. If papers contain pictures, we
additionally request them to be send on paper.

Videotapes and recordings are also encouraged. For further questions
you are cordially invited to contact me via Internet or mail!

Call for Participation

We expect more than 200 international professionals to come to the
conference. The audience will represent leading companies from Europe
and abroad.


  * IDG-Communications
    Austria's leading publisher for computer magazines and newspapers.
  * 1AA Management Consulting GMBH
    One of Austria's leading organizations for event-mangement.
  * Icon + Christian Bauer & Freunde
    Two young companies working in the field of VR.

The four companies grant for a high standard event.

Organizing Committee

  * Worldesign, Inc.
    Dr. Robert Jacobson
  * Dentsu Inc. Chubu
    Etsuroh Kitauchi
  * Jetro (MITI)
    Yoshiyasu Imazu
  * University of Oslo
    Morten Soby
  * Ludwig-Boltzmann Institute
    Mag. Wolfgang Schinagl
  * Ars Electronica Center - Austrian Broadcasting Corp.
    Dr. Hannes Leopoldseder


Vienna is the capital city of Austria. It is a beautiful and friendly
city, located in the very center of Europe. Vienna is well known as a
place for international fairs and exhibitions, but also for its
cultural riches and its unique, relaxed atmosphere. The symposium will
be held in the center of the 1,5 Mio city.

The Palais Ferstl is located in downtown Vienna, the so called "Old
Town". A complete social programme with highlights in culture,
history and winter sports is in preparation.

Although we have wonderful autumn at that time, climate can be quite
cold in December, down to +-0 degrees Centigrade (32 degrees

Accommodation and Travel

Rooms in Vienna vary from US $75 to $400. Accommodation can be easily
booked through Mr. Peter Kremmel (see below).


A limited number of registrations will be made available at reduced
rate to those who can prove to need such assistance.


By Mail, Phone
and Fax:     Peter Kremmel
             c/o 1AA Management Consulting GMBH
             Schottenfeldgasse 51
             1070 Vienna
             Austria / Europe

             Tel +43 / 222 / 526 57 48
             Fax +43 / 222 / 526 57 49

Email:       Christian Bauer

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