SIGGRAPH '91 Workshops 
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 SIGGRAPH '91 Workshops

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                        SIGGRAPH '91 Conference

                   Workshops Call for Participation

        SIGGRAPH conference workshops offer an important technical,
scientific, and creative forum for the interchange of ideas in the
international computer graphics community.  In structured, small-group
workshop discussions, participants define issues, compare their work,
discuss unresolved problems that require further research or
development, and explore solutions.  All workshops are summarized in
finished reports for publication in Computer Graphics.
        Appropriate workshop topics include current research in the
academic or industrial sector, current development for a project or
product, or a topic of current interest, such as emerging standards.
The workshops committee invites proposals from anyone who would like to
organize a group to discuss these areas.  Workshop organizers are
expected to invite participants, plan an agenda, lead a one- or two-day
workshop, and produce a report of the group's results.
        Topics that relate to education in computer graphics will be
excluded from workshops.  These topics should be proposed as an
educator's activity.
        One or two-page proposals from prospective workshop organizers
must be received by the workshops chair by 9 January, 1991.  By late
January, the workshops committee will review the proposals and select
workshop topics.  The committee will then publish a call for workshop
participants in various technical publications.
        People interested one of the topics must then submit a two- to
four-page position paper to the workshop organizer.  The organizer will
review position papers and select participants, with committee
approval.  Just before the conference, participants who have been
selected will send supplemental documents to the workshop organizer for
distribution to other participants in that workshop.
        The workshop contributor's packet provides further details
about contributor guidelines and the responsibilities of workshop
organizers and participants.
        Request a contributor's packet by mail from:

SIGGRAPH '91 Conference Management Office
401 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 644-6610

        Request a contributor's packet by Unix email from or submit
workshop proposals to:

Ed Brabant
SIGGRAPH '91 Workshops Chair
Megatek Corporation
9645 Scranton Rd.
San Diego, CA 92121
619-455-5590 x2639
619-453-7603 (fax)


Fri, 21 May 1993 15:40:40 GMT
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