SIGGRAPH '91 Workshops Call for Participation 
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 SIGGRAPH '91 Workshops Call for Participation

        SIGGRAPH '91 Workshops Call for Participation

Workshop Overview

Workshops at the annual SIGGRAPH conference provide one- or two-day
forums for structured, but lively interchange of ideas among a small
group of people about issues important to the computer graphics
community. Issues may range from theoretical problems, to emerging
standards, to specialized applications areas.

Though the workshops themselves are by definition able to accomodate a
relatively small number of participants, the results of the workshop
discussions are reported to other conference attendees through
presentation and interaction at a special interest group session or
panel, and to the graphics community at large in "Computer Graphics",
published by the Association for Computing Machinery.

You are invited to submit a position paper on the workshop topics
listed below to the workshop organizers by May 17, 1991.  Guidelines
for presenting the position papers, and a detailed description on how
the workshops are structured can be obtained from the organizers, or
from the workshop committee chair, also listed below.  Please review
these guidelines carefully before submitting position papers.  The
organizers will then select up to 25 participants for the workshop
from the papers submitted.

SIGGRAPH '91 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada from Sunday, July 28,
through Friday, August 2, 1991 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The SIGGRAPH '91 workshops committee and organizers look forward to
receiving your position paper for consideration.

SIGGRAPH '91 Workshop Chair:

Ed Brabant
Megatek Corporation
9645 Scranton Rd.
San Diego, 92121
office: 619-455-5590 x2639
fax:    619-453-7603

Workshop #1 - Call for Participation

Integrating Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, and Image
Processing in Scientific Applications

29-30 July, 1991

Many engineering and scientific applications in medicine, biomedical
research, oil exploration and development, robotics, space exploration,
molecular modeling, etc., depend on the modeling and interpretation of
empirical data. In these applications, data are collected from several
different sources and combined into a model that contains both
geometric and nongeometric data.  The model is then used for
measurement, for simulation, and for understanding the structure and
relationships that may exist among the data.

Although the sources of data for each of these applications are
different and specialized knowledge is necessary to interpret the data,
there is also a great of deal of commonality in the techniques used to
visualize, reconstruct, and interact with the data.  The commonality
stems from the need of similar algorithms and techniques from the
fields of computer graphics, computer vision and image processing.
These common techniques range from image enhancement, feature
extraction, and reconstruction of 3D models from the extracted
features, to visualization of and interaction with the resulting
models, and model computation and simulation.

This workshop focuses on identifying the common algorithm
requirements in practical applications that integrate techniques from
computer graphics, computer vision, and image processing, and the
implications of the integration of these algorithms on computational
and architectural requirements.  Problems in visualization and display
of multidimensional data, while important topics, will not be
considered alone unless they have demonstrated their efficacy as part
of a larger application.

For further information on how to participate, or to submit a position
paper, contact the workshop organizers:

        Ingrid Carlbom                  Indranil Chakravarty
        Digital Equipment Corporation,  Schlumberger Laboratory
           Cambridge Research Lab          for Computer Science
        One Kendall Square, Bldg. 700   P.O. Box 200015
        Cambridge, MA 02139             Austin, TX 78720
        phone:  617-621-6629            phone:  512-331-3721
        fax:    617-621-6650            fax:    512-331-3760

Workshop #2 - Call for Participation

Computer Graphics in the Network Environment

28-29 July 1991

Because of current network limitations, many distributed computer
graphics applications, designed for or adapted to existing networks,
compromise function or interactivity.  The premise of this workshop is
that future distributed application paradigms and the deployment of new
network technologies are closely connected, and both should be designed
with this relationship in mind.  Participants will discuss current
models of distributed computer graphics/video for local and wide-area
networks and their limitations, and models for future applications
based on high bandwidth networks.  Other topics are likely to include
data models, future requirements for network availability and
reliability, new network protocols, and developments in hardware
technologies for network protocol handling, image compression, and

For further information on how to participate, or to submit a position
paper, contact the workshop organizer:

David Oliver
Center for Geometry, Analysis, Numerics and Graphics
1535 Lederle Graduate Research Center
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003
phone:  413-545-1726
fax:    413-545-1801

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