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 Cyberspace Conference Report

In the {*filter*}space Conference report by Soren Renner

> Ms. Lasko-Harvill did not help her credibility... <unrelated comments
> deleted> or by saying that "art is dangerous because it can change society."

        While I was not at the {*filter*}space conference to hear this first
hand, if the above is an accurate quote, I must stand in Ms.
Lasko-Harvill's defense merely for the fact the she is very correct,
certainly in eyes of several great minds of the 20th century.

        The works of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and  Marshall Mcluhan
all echo art's poignant ability to "slide in" before our preconceptions
take hold, and to change our perceptions. The artist acts as a radio
beacon signalling to society forthcoming or needed changes, which many
status quo defenders and misoneists alike will find alarming and
dangerous. In fact, in McLuhan's _Understanding_Media,_ he wonders if art
would be as socially  accepted as it is, if people realized it's true
perception altering ability and intent (I would quote directly, but alas
it's at home).

        As for the report, I found it very illuminating and am grateful
for its posting.

Jayson Raymond

BBN Visual Systems

Mon, 28 Feb 1994 03:19:37 GMT
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