ENTERTAINMENT: Exhilarama game center opening, Cary NC. 
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 ENTERTAINMENT: Exhilarama game center opening, Cary NC.

For those in the North Carolina area (or coming to it soon), I've been
hearing on the radio and television a lot lately about a new {*filter*}
center that will be opening in Cary (near Raleigh).

It's called "Exhilarama".  I think they actually call it a "family fun
center".  It will be 26,000 square feet of rides, arcade games, and
arcade VR simulators.  Specifically, they intend to have two
W-Industries machines, both a Stand-Up and Sit-Down version.  They
also have five networked Sega Virtua Racing units (highly
recommended!), laser tag, Steel Talons, and several big screen video
games.  It sounds like an interesting place.

Exhilarama will open on Saturday, July 10, at Crossroads Plaza in
Cary, North Carolina.  Stop by and check it out!


Thu, 21 Dec 1995 17:08:00 GMT
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