ANNOUNCE: Liquid Image Corporation Announces New Division 
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 ANNOUNCE: Liquid Image Corporation Announces New Division


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Wednesday, December 04, 1996


Winnipeg, MB

 Liquid Image Corporation, an award winning, world leader in
development and marketing of location-based entertainment products has
announced the formation of a new division.  Portable Computing Devices
will initially develop VGA minimum display devices to meet the needs
of the expanding wearable computer market.  This announcement follows
over a year of market analysis and internal product development that
has been proven justified this week by the recent announcement of
Windows CE by Microsoft, and the unveiling of powerful, small,
wearable computers at Comdex.

        "Portable computing devices have exploded onto the scene of
the PC market this fall", said Tony Havelka, President of Liquid
Image, "as the technology, software, and customer have all converged
to create incredible sales potential for small, powerful portable
computers".  Liquid Image is initially targeting the
commercial/industrial/military customer as this market segment has
been first to identify a need for rugged display and input devices for
interfacing with their wearable computers.  "The Portable Computing
Devices division of Liquid Image will be unveiling several products
for use with portable computers during the fourth quarter of 1996, and
has a goal of providing the most advanced, low powered, interface
devices available," said Dave Collette, VP Engineering, who will lead
the new Portable Computing Devices division.  Initial discussions are
proceeding with several wearable computer manufacturers.

        Portable computers have been available for many years in the
form of laptop or notebook computers, but these must be used in a
stationary position or with two hands.  The need for small,
user-friendly, wearable computers for use in tasks done by people such
as assembly line workers, warehouse parts pickers, and soldiers is
growing rapidly.  The U.S. Army, Boeing, Ford, and the Canadian
military are examples of companies that are experimenting with
portable computers.  Voice recognition, advanced touchpads, and small
display devices have emerged as the best way to interact with a
wearable computer.

        Power consumption is the major problem as batteries can not
last longer than 3 or 4 hours, but Liquid Image will provide solutions
having the lowest power consumption available through smart power
management and by creating systems designed to use the least power
possible.  "The touchpad we use is the most advanced in the world, it
does not use any power when not in use and it can work when it is
wet", said Dave Collette.  "In fact, we were developing with it before
it was enough officially announced as a product.  We have very good
contacts with manufacturers around the globe and are given advanced
access to technology".

        Liquid Image Corporation is a world leader in development and
marketing of location-based entertainment virtual reality technology.
The company's product line includes the MRG2, MRG3, and MRG4 head
mounted displays, various software and hardware devices for virtual
reality use, and the advanced, low-cost, virtual reality system
QuickSilver VR.  Liquid Image is also near completion of an advanced
first person perspective software engine that will be Internet
capable.  The company has won many awards for developing superior
products, market acceptance, and innovation in information technology.
Liquid Image equipment is available globally through licensed
distributors.  Liquid Image Corporation is a privately owned Canadian
corporation, with the head office located in Winnipeg, Manitoba,

        MRG2, MRG3, MRG4, and QuickSilver VR, are trademarks of Liquid
Image Corporation.  All other product, company or organization names
cited may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective
companies or organizations.

For More Information Contact:   Mr. Dave Collette
                                Vice President, Engineering
                                Mr. Tony Havelka        
                                LIQUID IMAGE CORPORATION
                                659 Century Street
                                Winnipeg, Manitoba
                                Canada R3H 0L9
                                Tel:    (204) 988-3000
                                Fax:    (204) 988-3050

                                web:     http://www.***.com/

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