JOB: Viz Scientist/Computer Engr/Computer Scientist, UC Santa Cruz 
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 JOB: Viz Scientist/Computer Engr/Computer Scientist, UC Santa Cruz

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The Baskin Center for Computer Engineering and Computer & Information
Sciences at the University of California's Santa Cruz campus invites
applications for two positions at the assistant or associate level for
research associated with its REINAS project.

The goal of the REINAS (Real-time Environmental Information Network
and Analysis System) project is to develop an architecture and system
to gather and integrate data from geographically dispersed sensors and
to control individual programmable sensors; to store, manage, and
provide secure distributed access to this data; and to facilitate
real-time operational use of this data by environmental scientists at
geographically distributed locations.  Funding for REINAS comes from
the Office of Naval Research as a University Research Initiative.


1) Visualization Scientist: Of immediate interest to the REINAS
project is a research scientist who would work closely with the
environmental scientists for which REINAS system is being constructed,
and bring an understanding of the visualization and system
requirements of the environmental scientists to the development of
REINAS software to support data acquisition and/or visualization.  The
ideal candidate for this position would bring computer systems
expertise in areas including large software projects, computer
graphics, visualization tools and techniques, graphical user
interfaces, geographic information systems, X-windows, numerical
modeling and simulation, computer systems plus expertise in
environmental sciences such as meteorology or oceanography.  

This person will have a major role in facilitating technology transfer
between the computer systems development and the scientific
investigators to be supported by the REINAS system.  This will include
close interactions and coordination with the systems architects, data
base and network designers, and instrumentation engineers, as well as
the environmental scientists and users.  Successful candidates for
this position would be expected to have programming expertise in SGI's
GL, C and Unix.  Refer to position number T92-38 for the assistant
level and T92-38X for the associate level in your application.

2) Software Engineer: The candidate will take a leadership role in the
systems development team (consisting of several graduate students and
staff), will have a major role (with faculty investigators) in all
phases of the architecture and design, and will supervise the
implementation of the various components.  Responsibilities will
include: developing algorithms, protocols and interfaces, developing
and implementing software engineering methodology for this project,
writing design documents, and working with various vendors to procure
the necessary equipment.  Refer to position number T92-39 for the
assistant level and T92-39X for the associate level in your

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: (1) Ph.D. or its equivalent in computer
science, computer engineering, or related disciplines with expertise
in areas such as visualization, software engineering; or Ph.D. in an
environmental science related discipline (e.g. meteorology,
oceanography, physics) coupled with significant education in
appropriate areas related to computer science (e.g. scientific
visualization, software engineering, or system architecture).  

The ideal computer science or computer engineering candidates would
have, in addition to their computer-related education, a strong
background in other areas related to science, including applied
mathematics, fluid mechanics, etc.  (2) Ph.D. in computer engineering
or computer science with strengths in distributed/real-time systems.

RANK: Assistant Research        RANK:  Associate Research
SALARY: $54,300-$60,000         SALARY:  65,900-71,600

**Salaries indicated are for an eleven-month appointment. (Note: An
associate level research position requires research qualifications
equivalent to an associate professor.)

POSITION AVAILABLE:  As soon as possible after closing date.

TO APPLY: Send curriculum vitae, statement of research interests, and
three letters of recommendation to:

        Chair, Computer Engineering Research Committee
        Baskin Center for Computer Engineering & Information Sciences
        225 Applied Sciences Building
        University of California
        Santa Cruz, CA  95064

CLOSING DATE: August 15, 1993.  To insure that your application
receives consideration, it MUST reference the appropriate position

UCSC is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer

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