Canadian astronaut Mike McKay -- what happened? 
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 Canadian astronaut Mike McKay -- what happened?

Anbody have info on Canadian astronaut Mike J McKay, why he was announced and
then resigned within a few days?



Thu, 24 Apr 2003 03:00:00 GMT
 Canadian astronaut Mike McKay -- what happened?

I did a little more digging -- no mystery, thanks folks, disregard request:
Major Mike J. McKay Former Canadian Astronaut
Birthplace and date: Born May 10, 1963 in Bracebridge, Ontario. Married to
Christine Hodge, 31 July 1999.
Education: Attended High School in Renfrew, Ontario, and graduated from the
Royal Military College of Canada with a Bachelor of Engineering Physics in
1985. He obtained a Masters of Electrical and Computer Engineering from the
same institution in 1991. He is currently in his second year of an Masters of
Business Administration degree with the University of Ottawa. (Class of 2000)
Marital status: Getting married in July 1999.
Recreational interests: Major McKay's interests include gliding, weight
lifting, cycling, swimming. sailing, skiing, hiking, soccer and softball. He
also enjoys photography, reading, chess and woodworking.
Experience: From 1986-1987, he worked as a Software Support Officer with the
Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering division of the Canadian Forces Base, Cold
Lake, Alberta. In 1987, he was named Mechanical Support Officer in command of
145 people and was later appointed to the position of CF5 Repair Officer,
responsible for the periodic inspection of the CF5 fleet, a position which he
held until 1991. After completing his postgraduate degree, Major McKay was
employed as a lecturer with the College Militaire de Saint-Jean, teaching
courses in Logic Circuit Design and Electronic Instrumentation and
Microprocessor Systems Design.
Then a Captain, Major McKay was selected in July, 1992, as one of four
astronauts who will train as mission specialists for the Space Shuttle program
or to contribute to the International Space Station Project
From August 1993 until early February 1994, Major McKay was involved with a
shuttle payload that flew on February 3, 1994. He provided Space Vision System
support to the Wake Shield Facility, a free flying payload that was released
from the Shuttle.
In February 1994, Major McKay was one of four astronauts who participated in
the Canadian Astronaut Program Space Unit Life Simulation (CAPSULS), a 7-day
simulated space mission which was proceeded by several weeks of intensive
In early 1995, Major McKay resigned from the Astronaut Corps for medical
reasons. He has remained in the employment of CAP as an engineer and was
actively involved in mission support activities. He was appointed Project
Manager for the Canadian Space Vision System and was the Mission Manager for
the STS-85 mission.
In October 1997, Major McKay left CSA to return to active military service with
the Directorate of Space Development within the National Defence Headquarters
in Ottawa. There he is responsible for the human resource and education
development for the Canadian Armed Forces Military Space Programme.
Major McKay regularly makes presentations to schools and technical audiences.
He is also teaching a graduate level course in Advanced Space Studies in the
Mechanical Engineering Department of Carelton University.

Thu, 24 Apr 2003 03:00:00 GMT
 Canadian astronaut Mike McKay -- what happened?


>Anbody have info on Canadian astronaut Mike J McKay, why he was announced and
>then resigned within a few days?



He was there longer than a few days I think Jim. Ironically, he did replace
Calgary physician Bob Stewart, who did resign for personal reasons a few days
after the 1992 selection.


Fri, 25 Apr 2003 08:45:43 GMT
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