BIOSPHERE II -- what do we really know? 
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 BIOSPHERE II -- what do we really know?

 Considering how little of the purpose and intent is known, I reason that
 their system needs to be absolutely sealed to determine YES/NO if it works.
 I beleive ( my opinion ) that it is falsifiable if and only if sealed.
 I have not seen anyone conclusive prove or even suggest a way to prove
 that it is sealed.

 There seems to be a large deficit in knowlege ( engineering knowlege )
 about BS-II.  I agree that we should not condemn them out of hand.
 But also, why can't we pose questions about the intention of being sealed.
 I will note that the structure resembles the fabulous Glass Palace. And
 it presents a sizeable cross-section to the wind.  I work in a small
 6 story building.  Its windy in Texas.  Go up to any window on the leeside
 and it will whistle.  The reason for this is partial pressure, wind loading
 and the building has to be designed to deal with it.

 Someone should show us why the vast area of the glass/plexiglass frames is
 air tight.  Air exchange of 1% would completely replace the interior air
 in a fairly short time.   What about the question in connection with
 the idea that they are sealed.  Are the window frames suitable for the
 windloading of a 'SEALED' structure?

 There is a rule in Science-Fiction, that if you want to be more beleivable
 you must never explain anything.  In light of the pro and con, there has
 been almost no examination of the structure per se.  What facts do we know?
 Questions like how can they be sealed under structural limitations like
 windloading?   Can someone say that the glass frames are strong enough
 to resist wind loading if they do not pass air?

 There appears to be a lot of hand waving here.  This is all flash and
 dazzle.  Something that looks to me like a public con job.  Just because
 they say "We don't know, yet" doesn't mean they aren't being evasive.
 It looks to me like we know so very little about the particulars that we
 are left with speculation.  I think my questin is a good one.  Can any
 architect or engineer explain how the glass areas can be 'air tight' or
 even air-tight but not sealed.  Just because it doesn't whistle, doesn't
 mean it is not leaking air.

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Fri, 15 Apr 1994 08:11:31 GMT
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