The Biosphere II requests 
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 The Biosphere II requests

        recently two people sent me requests for the Village Voice articles
on Biosphere II. Well, after a very hectic weekend in setting up my new
computer (I've finally graduated to a REAL mo-shen, a Compudyne 386DX clone),
I'm finally able to comply with the requests.

        Just one problem; I lost the email addresses of the people who
requested the articles.

        So, if youall could just send me another request, I'll be glad to
send the articles. (Note: These are only the first two articles in the
series. I've got the hird article scanned in, but not cleaned up, and a
fourth article has recentl;y appeared that I haven't touched at all.)

Warning! Beware of weird, horrible cult which: Uses promises of money, a job,
and other favors to recruit people; indoctrinates beginners in an armed
camp until they're thoroughly brainwashed; employs terror,
assassination, {*filter*}, and threats thereof; is particularly interested
in the young, and those who follow orders without question; holds
against their will members who wish to leave; and goes by many names,
e.g., The Service, military, Armed Forces, ROTC, JROTC, recruiters,
Defense, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Green Berets.

Sun, 30 Oct 1994 03:43:59 GMT
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