Biosphere Part VI 
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 Biosphere Part VI

     This  question  remains: [ITALICS]what[italics]  exactly  are the  
creators  of the
Biosphere  after? The  best answer  is,  with the  exception of  their
public-relations  palaver about  the  ecology, to  take  them at  face
value. Ed Bass, apart from being an Allen loyalist, no doubt does view
Biosphere 2 as a commercial enterprise-- it's unlikely  the experiment
will produce any  of the patentable, commercial  spin-off technologies
its management predicts,  but it's not  an impossible notion.  Dozens,
probably  hundreds, of young,  often desperate researchers,  have been
attracted to  the project. And  according to documents secured  by the
[ITALICS]Voice[italics], some  have  been  asked to  sign  contracts that  
cede  to  the
Biosphere's  parent  company  "worldwide,  royalty  free  irrevocable"
rights  to  any  preexisting  "idea,  concept,  invention,  patent  or
discovery" of theirs or their employees that  might relate to the work
of the Biosphere-- i.e., to the universe.
     "Imagine, Ed Bass has plunked down $100 million into a for-profit
corporation,"  says just one of  those ex-consultants who rejected the
buy-out contract  language. "What's he  looking for? He has  created a
sort of magnet,  one that he hopes  will attract a bunch  of new young
Einsteins  from all over  the world who  will give  up their innermost
secrets, knowledge,  and talents. You've got to  figure that once in a
while he'll hit pay dirt. It's the law of probabilities."
     As many as 10,000 people a month are already paying up to $80 per
head to visit the Biosphere, which is now touted in local hotel guides
as one  of the not-to-miss attractions of the  Tucson area-- a sort of
eighth  wonder  of the  world.  Around  the  Biosphere there  is  open
discussion of heightening  its theme park attributes,  and discussions
have been held with the same firm that promoted Disney World. There is
already  a  whole  line  of  Biosphere  T-shirts,  mugs,  pencils, and
pamphlets overflowing the gift shop shelves.
     And whether  or not the  first crew of Blospherians  stays inside
the enclosure the  full two years  or even only  two weeks it  matters
very little. The  structure itself is so spectacular  that it promises
to be a tourist and press draw for years to come. And in the case that
the human crew  has to prematurely bail  out-- as is likely--  one can
already expect the "scientific" justifications being made for how much
has already  been learned and  how much more successful  the following
enclosure will be the following month or the coming year. Linda Leigh,
one of  the eight Biosphere crew members, already tried out the future
party line when  she told  the [ITALICS]Voice[italics]: "If  it lasts 100  
years and  we
learned nothing it is a failure. But if we learn anything at all after
any period of time, it will be a success."
     John Allen and his followers,  in any case, have already achieved
their vision quest, No longer anonymous drifters on a New Mexico ranch
no  one  ever heard  of,  today  they  are the  captains,  commanders,
architects,  and directors  of their  fantasy-come-true. Whether  they
actually make it  to Mars or not  seems immaterial. They have  made it
into [ITALICS]The New York Times[italics] and on to the nightly news,
favorably compared
with NASA. And inside their own community-- now the center of  so much
media  and scientific idolatry--  and certainly within  the scaled-off
atmosphere  of the  Biosphere  itself, they  have already  entered the
promised New Civilization that until now existed only in the Dreams of
their undisputed leader and master. If nothing else,  John Allen is on
the brink of pulling off a piece of theater so  big, that 20 years ago

not even his fertile imagination could have conjured it.

(Note: Fans of Word Perfect will recognize the way I noted the italics, bold
and underlining that telecommunications doesn't provide just yet.

Apologies to any spelling errors that cropped up-- they might not be evident,
because the article was scanned in with OCR.)

(I have three more articles-- a sidebar to the above examining John Allen,
another sidebar about Biosphere's media coverage, and a follow-up article as
well. But for the time being, I'll just leave this one up.)

Brian Siano,                                Delaware Valley Skeptics
Rev. Philosopher-King of The First Church of the Divine Otis Redding


Sun, 06 Feb 1994 08:24:40 GMT
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