Welcome to sci.med.vision (8/25) 
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 Welcome to sci.med.vision (8/25)

Executive summary by Bev:

                             There are a number of people here
                             with no medical credentials at all and a
                             lot of opinions bordering on religious
                             belief. The people trying to promote the
                             Bates Method, "The Plus" lens and pinhole
                             glasses are examples of this behavior.

                             Before acting, do some research.

Please do not post comments and discussion under this
subject. PLEASE take your posts to other existing threads
or start one with a new subject line. This notice is posted
weekly on Monday (mostly!).


The purpose of this newsgroup is to discuss issues related to
eye health and vision care from a scientific viewpoint.
Issues for discussion include (but are not limited to): how
the eye works, vision problems and how they may be corrected,
eye health concerns, how they happen and how they may be
remedied, as well as items related to new research and
associated findings.

This group is the place to learn about these issues and
readers are advised that opinions expressed here may come
from eye care professionals (optometrists, ophthalmologists,
opticians, ophthalmic researchers) as well as the general

  From time to time we experience posters who espouse certain
viewpoints that are hoaxes, mythology, disproven theories and
outright scams. If someone is desperately trying to convince
you of something or uses demeaning and abusive language, you
might be correct in assuming that they have an agenda and
their views are not consistent with current science.  If it
sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The people trying
to promote the Bates Method are one such example of this

When reading and gathering information, be aware of the
source and use good judgment. Do not base vital health care
decisions on information obtained in this forum without
consulting a practitioner who can clearly understand your
issues and examine the situation first hand, in person.

Please do not reply to posters in an effort to denounce,
ridicule, embarrass or otherwise engage in non-productive
discussion. That's called "feeding the trolls" and wastes
space on hundreds of thousands of newsserver hard drives and
personal computers around the world.  If you are bothered by
the tone or content of a thread, don't read it or learn how
to make the subject or author not appear in the list of
topics. This is called kill-filing or filtering.  For more
information on how to set up filters and kill-files, please
see the documentation for your newsreader application or go

      < http://www.***.com/ ;

For additional information, the official sci.med.vision FAQ
(last updated in 1997) can be found at:

      < http://www.***.com/ ;

Thank you for participating in our unmoderated open forum.

Fri, 11 Feb 2011 22:19:41 GMT
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