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 STOP ADS - was Re: STOP typing and START talking

please refrain from posting off-topic ads to this group! In an effort to
keep the signal-to-noise ratio down, we would all appreciate it if
postings are self-moderated to eyecare topics.

If you want to contribute to the group, great! Include a link to your
business in your signature.... but PLEASE stop off-topic ADS with no
eyecare content.



> Speech Recognition
> Managing your time wisely is the key to increasing productivity while
> reducing overhead, overtime, and stress.
> Speak to your computer naturally and at a normal pace - up to 160 words per
> minute - without pausing between words.  Your words are immediately
> transcribed on the screen and into your documents.


> Dragon Systems? Adds Natural Speech
> Capabilities to Virtually Any Windows Application


Thanx, Dan

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Fri, 20 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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