Help on "atypical retinitis pigmentosa" condition 
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 Help on "atypical retinitis pigmentosa" condition

: I am Dr. Girija, 50 years of age, working as a general practitioner.  I am
: suffering from a chronic ophthalmic condition which remains undiagnosed till
: date.

: My conditions started around 40 years ago when I was about 10 years of age as
: I accidentally noticed central blindness in the right eye.  Upon consultation
: Ophthalmologists in Medical college, Trivandrum, Kerala, India, diagnosed the
: condition provisionally as "atypical retinitis pigmentosa".  They prescribed
: vasodilators and Vitamin A.  They were of opinion that nothing much could be
: done.

: As years passed, the condition gradually worsened with
: diminished vision in dim light in both eyes
: appearance of new small patchy scattered areas of scotoma in the peripheral
: fields of both eyes which coalesced to form big patches
: severe photophobia & photopsia
: gradual increase in the area of blindness of right eye centripetally.

My father had something called choroidemremia.  I may not be spelling this
correctly.  My son also has this hereditary condition.  It begins around 10 and
continues to diminish sight.  The sight is lost in the middle first, then gradually
goes to the periphery.  I know of no treatment at this time.  The cause apparently
is due to the loss of {*filter*} going to the retina.  It is not known why, but at some
point, the artery providing {*filter*} to that area just stops doing so.  the retina has
a mottled appearence similar to retinitis pigmentosa.


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