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 Steroids and glaucoma (also to

Please excuse the spamming, but this is also in

I've noticed quite a bit about steroids being dangerous for people with
glaucoma, and therefore have resisted using them in any form. I've also noticed
the package inserts with steroid products do often contain cautions about using
them with glaucoma and mention that pressure might be increased.

Recently, I was prescribed Beconase, a steroid product, to open up my nasal
passages. Shortly after I started using it (against my better judgement) I
noticed my vision was very poor and that I could not stand being out in
sunlight. Evidently, what was happening is that it was causing my autonomic
nervous system to shift toward the sympathetic (fight or flight) side, dilating
my pupils. I assume this might be at least part of the reason for the increased
pressure warning, since the little muscles that control the iris can, when
dilating, pull back into the ductwork that allows for drainage of fluids from
within the eyeball. I discontinued the product and normal vision and function

What I don't understand is that several symptoms I have suggest that I may
indeed be low on the corticoids produced by the adrenal glands, yet supplying
them creates optical problems. Also, I've noticed that vitamin B-6 is
recommended to control pressure in glaucoma, and it is also recommended to
restore normal adrenal function--so there's clearly a relationship, yet it
seems to be contradictory. On the face of things, it would seem that pepping up
my adrenals would not only clear the general symptoms I am having but help
control or reduce eye pressure, yet the experience with steroids puts that into

What's a person to do?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
(My eyes are quite stabile, pressure currently running 17L, 21R, though was
down to 11 around a year ago, and vision still 20/20).

Mon, 05 Jul 2004 22:13:45 GMT
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