New for 97 - disposable Toric lenses 
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 New for 97 - disposable Toric lenses

Well, just did a brief search through DejaNews, and found loads of
goodies on contact lenses, astigmatism, etc :-)

I do have a question - are there currently only the same three
frequent replacement (1-3 months) Toric lenses available - Ciba's
Focus Toric, B&L's Gold Medalist Toric, and Cooper's Preference Toric?
I found these three being mentioned often in past threads, but the
posts were mostly from back in '95.  Nothing new since then?
Anyone know exactly when J&J (the other big manufacturer) will release
their bi-weekly disposable Toric lens, and if this is the only new
lens coming in the near future?

From this newsgroup alone the feeling seems to be that Ciba's lens is
more popular and successful with the patients than B&L's lens (could
be that the Focus lasts up to 3 months?), and that the Preference
Toric is HIGHLY recommended (not sure how it stacks up with the other
two, though).  The thing is, I don't really care since the Focus and
Gold Medalist DON'T cover my eye prescription :-)  So, I'm now looking
for the parameter information for the Preference Toric (since I
haven't been able to find any) - can anyone point me to Cooper's web
site (if they even have one), or another site with the information, or
other contact sources when I can get the info?  And ditto for J&J's
upcoming lens (if the info is available).

My current left eye Toric lens is -7.75D (near-sighted), with
astigmatism of -1.25D cyl at 176 axis, with base curve of 8.8mm.  My
right lens is very similar (but I just can't find the prescription
paper!), with a little better spherical measurement.

The main problem is that both the Focus Toric and Gold Medalist Toric
only goes down to -6.00D (though the GMT's cylinder & axis are very
accomodating, and the FT's only a little less so - the base curves are
also close enough).  As has been discussed, the problem seems to be
economy of scale (not enough profit to cover more than -6D).  I'm
hoping the Preference Toric covers it!  So far, the closest thing I
found was Mr. Larry Bickford's 1995 post: "...ASTIGMATIC lenses Focus,
Gold Medalist only to -6 and +4.00.  Preference not available in
plus..."  As you can see, it omits exactly the info *I* was looking
for, heh heh heh (though it was very helpful on the other stuff).

Anyway, I'm just researching my other options (disposable Torics, as
well as the regular Torics I wear now), in addition to trying on RGPs
with my doctor.

Oh, two more questions.  First, I thought RGP (rigid gas permeable) is
the SAME as "hard" lens - apparently not?  Second, what is a "CSI"?

Thanks alot,


Mon, 06 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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