Extended Wear Toric Gas Permeable lenses? 
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 Extended Wear Toric Gas Permeable lenses?

I currently wear EW toric lenses (Hydrocurve III).  While they are
very comfortable, the vision isn't quite as "crisp" as it is with
glasses.  I've heard/read that there are now Gas Permeable (hard?)
lenses that offer better vision, that are also avaliable for
astigmatic users, and are also extended wear.

Is there such a beast? Anyone have any experiences with these?
Please post and reply via e-mail, as I don't check this group


Mon, 26 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT
 Extended Wear Toric Gas Permeable lenses?

Sure, there certainly are extended wear RGP lenses to correct
astigmatism!  And yes, they may very possibly provide you with
optical clarity you'd expect with spectacles---maybe better.

You will need to fitted for these by a qualified eye care professional.

With regard to extended wear lenses in general: I would like to add
my opinion about the safety and efficacy of sleeping in contact
lenses.  In short, I don't actively recommend it.  In fact, I'm becoming
increasingly opposed to it, mostly because people just don't take
contact lens care seriously---and with extended wear use, moreso
than daily wear use, inadaquate lens care can lead to rather serious
problems. However,  with perfect fitting and lens care compliance,
there's usually not a problem. But it's not a perfect world, is it?

You must weigh the risks and benefits and make such a decision for
yourself.  RGP lenses have been shown to be in some respects a
superior material for extended wear:  they allow far more oxygen to
reach the cornea, especially in the non-sleep period. Although that's
great for the corneal physiology, RGP lenses add the risk of becoming
dislodged from the proper position on the eye by unconcious rubbing
of the eyes or contact with a pillow during sleep, possibly causing
corneal abrasion.  Soft lenses do not allow, for many people,
sufficient oxygen to pass to the cornea during sleep, possing a risk of
swelling of the cornea and hazy vision in the morning---but they are
far less likely to cause abrasion.

What I am trying to convey here is that there are certain risks
associated with extended wear use of contact lenses.  The risks,
though small, are still risks, and you must decide if it's worth it.
Discuss this with your eye doctor and you should be able to make an
informed decision.

So that's the story.  Best of luck---go for the best quality vision and
comfort and don't settle for something that doesn't meet your

Larry Bickford, OD

The EyeCare Connection and {*filter*}Lens, contact lens replacement

http://www.***.com/ ~eyecare

Tue, 27 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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